UFO Sightings gaan door te Long Beach, Californië (foto's)

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Groningen, donderdag 19 maart 2009


Witness statement (unedited): From 6:59 to 7:25pm on March 17th, 2009, my sons and I saw another UFO in the skies over Long Beach, California. We were in the backyard of our home taking pictures of whatever might look interesting, as sky-watching is our hobby. We do it at least 5 days a week to relax after a long day and I've been teaching them the constellations. I then noticed something that didn't fit what we've come to know as a terrestrial craft, whether a jet, prop or experimental aircraft. There was an object that was going from the west to the east and there was no red light visible (FAA REG) as with ALL OTHER AIRCRAFT taking off from the airport. Then it started to hover and immediately changed direction and again... did not have the FAA green light on its opposite side.

I have almost 60 photos of this sighting... you really must see them all to be able to appreciate what is going on here.

From my vantage point of about a mile off of the Pacific coast, this craft was hovering on the southern horizon - probably above the electric company at the corner of Studebaker and 2nd Street/Westminster. After hovering, the craft would then make 160-180 degree turns going east, then west, then repeating while slowly drifting further south - over the Pacific Ocean - towards the famed "Redondo Trench". This went on, as can be seen in the properties of my photos, for 26 full minutes.

At the time of our sighting this time, it was not clear what shape the object actually was until the photos were analyzed upon download to my computer, and even then, it seemed only the lights were visible. As far as structure and the apparent "shape-shifting abilities", this was one spectacular sighting! However it didn't beat the Triangle "Mothership" we all saw last November 12th, and I don't think anything else could! That was reported the same day on UFO NorthWest, if you are interested.

Anyway, I took a few "real-time" photos of the craft, but didn't want to "waste" the pictures and knew the only way to be sure to "get proof" was to take timed shots, so - as a result - most of the almost 60 photos I shot were 8 second exposures at a F 2.5 setting with an exposure value at +2.00 (the highest my camera goes) and certainly showing the true colors of the crafts lights and its flight pattern/path. I used a high-pixel, Sony Cybershot digital camera and did not alter the originals AT ALL! I have kept their integrity to help you to prove or disprove whatever it was that caused more than ten helicopters to be in the air after it disappeared, and caused them to refuel and return to the search for the next 2 hours or so. The light appeared to be of whitish/yellow color with a bit of red from time to time, and what got my attention was that the lights and colors did not match the FAA regulations with regards to Red on the left and green on the right and white lights that blink 40x per minute. This thing pulsed and then stayed lit. Then it blinked white lights fast and then went back to pulsing again only to follow it with another blast of bright, solid light for another thirty to sixty seconds. From where I was, it looked like a saucer, then looked like 2 doing maneuvers together. Then it looked like two orbs that were connected somehow, then "shape-shifting" into something else... more square-round.

I would also like to mention that based on the photos I have taken, I have reason to believe their may have been more than one craft in the sky last night, too. Several shots seem to show what could be mistaken for stars, but upon closer inspection, can be seen to have the same color coding/ shading as the inital craft and in two of my photos, it looks as if their are 2 saucers of another shape that might even be a couple of boomerangs, but on a timed photo, it is hard to tell. You are the experts and I do hope that my final disclosure to you will help figure out what is happening on our planet!

Well, this was absolutely incredible, but did not come close to others I and my family have had and would like to talk with an investigator about.

Last night, there were a total of 7 of us and an 8th joined in at the last minute, that witnessed this sighting and the after-effects. Only three of us saw it for the first 20 minutes or so, because I was getting pictures while the boys watched and tried to get neighbors out to see it, too.

What else is interesting is that on March 11th, 2009, there was little to no usual traffic going into or out of Long Beach Airport and around 8:18pm, seven military and police/civilian helicopters flew over our house, seeming to be looking for something on the ground. They flew rather slowly, from west to east and then took a more southerly direction when above Seal Beach, moving towards the Huntington Beach Area.

Scary thing? I took photos of them, too as soon as I heard them coming and watched them go... and the first shot set off the flash which seemingly caused one of the helicopters to turn on and shine a searchlight on us! I had the kids shut off the lights in and outside of the house, got to my computer and downloaded them as soon as I could - just in case I got something I wasn't supposed to have!

I would most certainly like to speak with an investigator, especially since I've had multiple sightings (as has my eldest son) over the last many years and would like to finally share some of them with anyone willing to listen. I am beginning to fear whatever the heck is going on... and there IS something going on. Especially here in Long Beach, California.

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