The Reptilian-Jesuits Axis ► Wm Dean A. Garner w/ Pete Santilli

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donderdag 21 maart 2013

Pete Santilli speaks with William Dean Garner about the Jesuit role in the dramatic events taking place around the world. The past and present activity of the Jesuits may well contain the key to our future. http://www.williamdeanagarner.com

William Dean A. Garner is a former scientist (biophysics: marine biology/neurobiology), US Army Airborne Ranger (C Company, 1st Ranger Battalion), corporate mercenary with international private military firms he designed and helped build, and a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many books. He is a Senior Editor at Adagio Press, a small indie publishing company and home to the 69-Minute Novel and 69-Minute Books. Dean writes and speaks about the Reptilian-Jesuits Axis, the fascinating and deadly entity that controls our planet, and what We The People can do to counter their machinations.

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