Leilani: Royals are a bunch of shape-shifting lizards

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donderdag 14 maart 2013

The beauty shocked friends by declaring admiration for oddball David Icke and her belief that all Royals are “shape-shifting lizards”.

At a private dinner party during LA fashion week, the bonkers babe told pals she believed the human race comes from a planet called Zeta Reticuli, and a mothership will land on earth to take us all back home.

One mate at the table said: “I was a little shocked by her comments they were pretty out there.

“Leilani kept going on about the Royals being a bunch of shape-shifting lizards, and that the human race are all Thetans, little green men or Grey Aliens. It was all very weird.

She actually believes this stuff.”

Conspiracy theorist David Icke famously declared that the human race are holograms controlled by aliens and a ruling elite of reptilians including the Queen and George W Bush.

Friends of the model told how Leilani has become socially withdrawn after a painful divorce from Raquel Welch’s ex Richard Palmer and now prefers to be alone with her three dogs.

Leilani who now designs party frocks in Los Angeles reads books about Aliens and conspiracy theories all day rather than seeing her chums.

The friend added: “She babbles on about David Icke and how everything in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’ has come true.

“She also thinks everything bad that happens in the world is a conspiracy, even 9/11.

“Some of the stuff coming out of her mouth was shocking. If she does end up on some ITV reality show she’ll be great TV. She’s nuts!”

Leilani told The Sun: “I did say all that. I thought it was common knowledge. I truly believe there are powerful forces at work that keep the truth from the public.

She added: “Anyway, what’s weird about believing in Aliens? It would be pretty sad to find out that we were truly alone in the universe. I hope were not!”

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