Update!! RED ALERT: Fukushima spent fuel pools exploded, radiation levels spiking massively ?!

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dinsdag 23 oktober 2012


Niks aan de hand, geen kernramp. De Galactische Federatie heeft ingegrepen en Buck rodger gestuurd om de mensheid te behoeden voor een ramp. Lang leve Buck :-)


Noot star-people: Wat van onderstaande waar is dat moet nog duidelijk worden. Er wordt veel over gepraat en gepost echter een daadwerkelijke bevestiging lees ik nog nergens. We wachten ondertussen rustig af, dus nog geen paniek, als dat uberhaubt nodig is :-)



WARNING! This is the worst-case scenario unfolding at Fukushima. According to Michael Eckstein, a researcher who lives only 50 miles from Fukushima, explosions and fires have occurred at spent fuel pools two and four over the past four days and now radiation levels are spiking enormously. THIS IS THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO BECAUSE OF THE THOUSANDS OF TONS OF PLUTONIUM CONTAINED IN THESE SPENT FUEL POOLS. This is now vapourizing into the atmosphere and being disseminated with the winds. Major cloud and radiation spike estimated to hit west coast of USA in two weeks or less.


"The Govt is willing to pay $5000 for 15min work,,,but no one has come forward. i can see the steam coming over the mountain here as im writing. I'm going to do a Live interview with CNN at 3pm my time, its 11:38am right now Monday morning. You should see it when you wake up. I am going to tell the truth like before. I want to give you the chance we and our children never got.

Jeff, It was spent fuel from plants 2 and 4. In plant #2 over 30,000 Spent fuel rods are now exposed,and in the #4 plant, the workers have evacuated. There is now mass panic at all airports, shopping centers to stock up on food, We are being told to stay indoors, schools are being instructed to keep the students inside. I'll keep you up-dated through-out the day. This is an historical event underway as we speak.

"They say the SPIKE increase, is blowing due west, thats directly towards America, This time its power is 1000x greater than before, due to the fact the rods are now exposed, and no one will go within 20 miles, people here are starting to panic bye again Jeff"
MICHAEL...so tell me all that you know about recent developments at Fukushima. I have known all along that spent fuel pools had been destroyed since beginning. Numbers one and three likely destroyed first week.
Spent pool four...is it now burning? Is this where the explosion of two days ago was?

"Yes, Jeff, its from the new explosion. If you can get your hands on ANY idione pills, stock up, specially for the children, its coming your way, but no one is going to tell you the truth. I AM, its my mission now to save as many as i can. the readings on our meter spiked up again this morning since yesterdays reading, now its over 840 and climbing, EXAMPLE, a person should only be exposed to 50 mill in a lifetime. do the math. Jeff, one more point, since the season winds have changed, the direction is now directly towards the west coast. Im sorry to have to report this, but we must act and demand from the Govt, truths, and how to prepare. Everyone is concerned about the election at the moment, but within 72 hours the experts are saying,,it should start spiking around the LA area around wed, and within 2 weeks, the entire country will be up to 300 mill. I will keep you posted. God BLess, and Thank you for your awareness to get the word out ASAP. PREPARE, we didnt have the chance, you do. Learn from our experience. Michael"


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