French bees Produce Blue Honey Due to Industrial Waste

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maandag 8 oktober 2012

As if the problems of the bee world weren’t bad enough, this year’s honey harvest in the Alsace region of France includes jars of green and blue colored honey. And as cool as that may sound, the coloring has actually been traced back to a sugary industrial waste source from a nearby biogas plant. Which means the new colored honey is actually the result of bee’s seeking alternative sources of sugar.

What would cause bee’s to seek out sugar from industrial waste? According to bee experts, the harsh winter last year had a strong influence on bee’s of that region and their ability to find sugar. As a result, they went for an alternative and nearby source; the biogas plant.

But don’t expect to see blue or green honey on any store shelves near you. Due to their tainted source of sugar, even if they do taste like normal honey, they can not be approved according to normal honey standards. The beekeepers themselves are also understandably against the idea of putting out this unexpected honey harvest. The biogas plant, for their part, have announced they will from now on keep their waste in air tight containers and redouble their cleaning efforts to make it less likely that bee’s would be able to find more blue stuff in the future.

Source: Time

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