MUFON Report - Jan. 19-25, 2009

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woensdag 28 januari 2009



Image from PA sighting und Bright Lights.

More than 60 reports of unidentified flying objects were filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) between Jan. 19-25, 2009.

Some of the more interesting reports include - An octagon-shaped light apparently being chased by a fighter jet in FL on Jan. 20; two low-flying cigar-shaped forms, one in VA on Jan. 20 and the other in TN on Jan. 25; two reports from I-25 drivers of a row of lights near the NORAD facility at Cheyenne Mountain; some interesting photos in the Bright Lights section under PA and ID, both on Jan. 19; a triangular-shaped craft that changed shape in CA on Jan. 20; an extremely close triangular-shaped craft that hovered about three minutes over a man's home in FL on Jan. 20; and a most fascinating account from four people in a car in PA on Jan. 23 who followed and then watched a diamond-shaped object hover between 150 and 300 feet over a tree line. When a light on the object appeared to move toward their location, the group decided they had had enough and drove quickly away. The following are links to selected cases from this time period arranged according to shape or color, and listed by date and state.

All reports are unedited.


Bright lights







Orange lights


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