911: Nano-thermitic material, explosions, What happened?

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maandag 11 oktober 2012

Lilou Macé interviews Dr. Niels Harrit, Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen Denmark, Friday 29th of June 2012.

In this video interview, Niels Harrit shares his research on the 11th of September 2001 in NYC, turning point date in the history of the world. In this hour interview Niels speaks about the science but for the first time about his opinion and way of seing this event. He brings light to something that is for him pure lies. He explains in this interview to Lilou Macé his findings. His wife and Peace activitst also involved in all Niels Harrit’s research is also interviewed on Saturday 30th June by Lilou at their home outside of Copenhagen. Niels does not have a website to promote this information. He however does lectures and sspeaks at events such as the open mind conference in Denmark happening on September 20 until 22, 2012 http://www.openmindconference.com/ – Niels Harrit is an Associate Professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. His presentation will include a factual account of the destruction of the World Trade Center that took place on September 11th 2001 in New York.

After visiting the Ground Zero site and examining the dust produced by the destruction of the towers, Niels and eight other scientists found large quantities of active thermitic material, which is normally found in explosives. As well as discussing the twin towers and how he believes that it was not possible for them to have collapsed after being hit by the two airplanes.

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