Brits koningshuis is gefascineerd door graancirkels

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zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Ook het koningshuis van Engeland is geinteresseerd in de niet alledaagse zaken. De koningin zelf en prins Philip zijn in de greep van de graancirkels, ze willen op de hoogte gehouden worden omtrent dit fenomeen.
Hieronder is het orginele artikel te lezen welke in "The Sun" staat:

ET throne home
THE Queen and Prince Philip were gripped by the mystery of crop circles, it was revealed yesterday. Letters seen by The Sun showed the couple asked to be kept informed about the weird farmland patterns. Her Maj also asked an aide to send a sympathetic letter to Britain’s leading expert whose research was under threat. And Philip was so intrigued he had newsletters on the circles — thought by many to be created by extraterrestrial beings — sent to Buckingham Palace.

They were published by researcher Colin Andrews, 61, an ex-local government engineer.

Puzzling ... crop circles 
Puzzling ... crop circles

He said yesterday that his book Circular Evidence was placed on a summer reading list prepared for the Queen. He later received a letter from her private secretary. It read: “Her Majesty has taken an interest in the mysterious crop circles for some time and was sad to hear your results of years of research into the question are at risk through lack of funds.”  Meanwhile, Philip paid £6 for an annual subscription to Colin’s crop circle round-up.

Colin said: “What has infuriated me is that the MoD continues to deny the Royal Family took an interest in the subject when I know for a fact they did.”

The Royal fascination matched the nation’s at the height of the phenomena in the 1980s and 1990s.

* To see copies of the letters from the Queen go to colinandrews.net


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