Why Aliens Have Not Openly Contacted The Human Race

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donderdag 8 september 2011

Ignoring the assumption that half of the human race might panic when extraterrestials suddenly make themselves known and visible to us, I've written a piece of text which carefully touches upon the idea that we haven't had solid contact with extraterrestial beings as a human race. Yes there are enough stories - and sometimes fully backed up by solid evidence - of individual close encounters, abductions and other contacts of the like, but we have never been adressed as 'the human race' by any other intelligent extraterrestial species.

First of all, why would intelligent ETs contact us? All we have to offer is problems, nukes and war. There are a bunch of us who would welcome them with open hearts and consider them as fellow beings under the same eternal breath of the Universe, but then I'm talking small numbers. All we can do is give them some attention and lots of love.

So we have to assume that if extraterrestials were to contact us, it is either for their own benefit(negative entities planning an invasion, mining for resources) or for the benefit of the human race. To clarify this last assumption: it could be the case that an intelligent ET species evolved into highly spiritual beings and decides to help 'lesser' species to get on that same spiritual path.

Obviously I'm talking about a thousands or even millions more evolved ET species then us.

So let us assume they want to contact us for whatever reason they find. Let's see why that could be a problem.

It might be the case that we're not seeing the ETs in the first place. They might be traveling in a whole other dimension, density or reality. They might even exist out of certain vibrations we can't even dare to comprehend. For example: We can't see UV, Gamma, Infrared or Radio Waves with the naked eye. So it could be the case that some types of aliens or other extraterrestial entities might be moving among us in these, or even other spectrums which we haven't even discovered.

Therefore I think is possible that we simply can't see them.

These unknown flying objects in the following video are only visible through the use of nightvision, according to the the person who made the video.

Check out MagnetFlipper's channel for more amazing nightvision videos.

Now take in account, that even walking entities could be moving right next to you without you noticing them. Maybe there is an 'invisible' entity sitting right next to you as of now.. :)

Then again, why wouldn't an highly intelligent extraterrestial race have the technology to make themselves visible to us, even if they were initially moving in another spectrum or reality?

Let's take that in account for the moment and believe ETs actually made visual contact with us and that this time we really CAN see them.. then how can they make actual contact with us, how would we communicate?

What if an one billion times more intelligent extraterrestial civilization - superior to all of life and which have determined their quest is to help 'lesser' life forms - has found us and wants to help us on our evolutionary path? Suppose they want to prevent us from annihilating ourselves by nuclear destruction just for the sake of helping. Where are they going to begin, how can they communicate with us understanding them? Words are our own creation and often a limitation to explaining certain things, so how are we going to communicate? What if they've never used words in their own evolutionary path?

Allow me to explain this more deeply:

I hope you agree with me that we humans are a far more advanced species than for example, cockroaches. Now please imagine this:

What if we wanted to help the cockroach(for any reason whatsoever) and tell the cockroach that E=MC², how are we going to establish that?

Indeed. We simply can't, the cockroach has no such intelligence, it might not even have a awareness of self at all.

Do these same rules apply on levels of higher intelligence? Are we cockroaches compared to the billion times more evolved extraterrestial entities? Could the much more advanced beings adapt to us 'lesser' beings in order to communicate with us? If so, could we ever comprehend the things which advanced ETs might try to tell us, or are we bound to find these things out ourselves?

Finally, what about free will.. are extraterrestials 'allowed' to infringe upon our way of doing things?

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