A walker got a monster surprise

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donderdag 21 juli 2011

Mystery ... remains on beach
Mystery ... remains on beach

A WALKER got a monster surprise when she encountered a gruesome sea creature curled up on the sand.
Margaret Flippence, 55, stumbled upon the scary beast while strolling along the beach with her husband Nick, 59.

Experts were still trying last night to work out what the mystery 30ft washed-up remains are.

Nick said: "We were stunned.

"I thought, 'My God what is it?' It's like nothing we have ever seen - it almost looks prehistoric."

The couple, who were walking their dogs at Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, called coastguards to investigate.

London Zoo marine life expert Rob Deville said: "It could be a killer whale, given the size of the animal. A pilot whale is another possibility."

Whale expert Mark Simmonds said: "It died long ago and tides caused the body to wash ashore."

Dad-of-three Nick said: "It is a frightening-looking thing, whatever it is."

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