Are extraterrestrials already in Washington?

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maandag 23 mei 2011

On May 16, an interview with Mr. Robert. M. Stanley, (the author of 'Covert Encounters in Washington, DC') spoke of extraterrestrials involved high up in many aspects of our country including politics, religion, media, and public events. He says that the first US sighting of a UFO in Washington DC was in 1850 and the first noted abduction took place in 1926. This would lead one to believe that if these facts are to be believed, the extraterrestrials may have been involved in our country and government for a fairly long time.

Mr. Stanley claims that these aliens are unethical come from other dimensions, and have the ability to shape shift. Apparently all of this is already known to the US government. These beings, known as Annunaki, use Washington's architecture, infrastructure, and masonic layout to their advantage as a mind control panel. With this, the claim is made that they are able to manipulate decisions about war, arms, and the economy worldwide. The extraterrestrials are apparently able to use some sort of telepathic ability to suggest and shape the way world officials think and operate.

The biggest claim that Mr. Stanley makes is that these extraterrestrials known as the Annunaki are involved in Satanism and the Temple of Set, both of which are openly allowed in the US Military. A handbook written for Chaplains by the US Military states that Satanism is the worship of Satan (also known as Lucifer, who is illustrated as a fallen angel, and Baphoment, who is illustrated as a winged man with a goat head). It goes on to state that classical Satanism, which includes the black mass, blood sacrifice, orgies, and other sacrilegious acts, is hardly ever practiced anymore.

One such man from the military who is thought to have some connection to the Annunaki through Satanism is Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino. Lieutenant Colonel Aquino was involved in Satanism and a prime suspect in a series of charges involving paedophilia. Even while under suspicion he retained his high level security clearance and was a leading member in military psychological operations. The reason Mr. Stanley believes that Lieutenant Colonel Aquino has been involved with the Annunaki (besides the fact that he was a Satanist) is his statements on mindwar. Aquino claimed that mindwar was reaching out to friends, neutral parties, and enemies at all times, and being ready at all times fro war. He said that mindwar could reach across the world.

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