Countless UFOs Caught On Camera Above Tokyo ?

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donderdag 19 mei 2011

The battle for Earth will start in Tokyo.

That’s what some people must have been thinking as they witnessed a countless number of UFOs appear above them in the skies above Shinjuku earlier this month.

The UFOs appeared on April 8, 2011 at around 16:00, and a video documenting the scene was uploaded to YouTube shortly after.

The person who took the video explains:

The video was taken from Kita-Shinjuku Sanchōme where myself and 20 other people witnessed the UFOs. At first sighting there was a huge swarm of them—maybe over 100—but they gradually became fewer and only about 20 were visible at the time of filming. Some of the UFOs can also be seen flying in formation.

People were making a commotion outside my house so I stepped outside on the veranda to see what was going on. They were shouting “UFO!” and indeed there were numerous small lights moving around in the sky. Looking closely they appeared to be glittering blue and orange, and since they were flying at considerably high altitude they would disappear and reappear. I saw two planes flying nearby, but the UFOs may have been at a higher altitude, and thus unnoticeable.

I ran out of memory while filming, so I grabbed a different camera; however, the quality wasn’t very good and it was impossible to make out the UFOs. Other people were taking video with their mobile phones, but they also didn’t seem to have much luck because of the quality. In the end, the short video I took with my first camera was the only one where the UFOs showed up.

A lot of people are criticizing the yelling woman, but if she hadn’t been yelling I wouldn’t have noticed anything was going on.

Our resident alien expert commented on the video: “Similar sightings of small, grain-like UFOs flying in a large group have often been reported in not just Japan, but in America and Europe as well. However,even if the UFOs were alien spacecraft, we have no way of telling what their reasons are for visiting. We can only sit back and watch. There is nothing mankind can do against them.”

Source: YouTube user ueq2004

Bron: rocketnews24.com

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