Freak hail storm covers Lisbon streets with layers of snowy ice

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maandag 2 mei 2011

April 30, 2011 - LISBON, Portugal- By all accounts, it was a very unusual storm. Temperature dropped in less than 10 minutes from 27ºC to15ºC, and what we've got in Lisbon area, was a suddenly sea of hail, that in some less sunny places, still remains up to this morning. Some reports showed temperature lows of 5ºC. The situation was so dire, heavy equipment was called in to clear the streets.

Bulldozers try to remove the hail from the streets in Damaia near Lisbon, Portugal, after a violent rainstorm hit the Lisbon region in the afternoon of April 29, 2011, covering the streets with a thick layer of icy hail. -MSNBC        

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