50 meter crater opens up on Baltic island- geologists are puzzled over what caused it

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maandag 2 mei 2011

April 30, 2011 - HAMBURG - On the Baltic island of Usedom (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), the earth has opened up about 50 meter long and 4 meters deep. The gaping canyon looks like the little brother of the Grand Canyon in the USA. Did an ancient cavity collapse? Or is this a meteor strike? In the middle of a field at Zirchow gapes the mysterious hole. BILD reader reporter Andrew discovered it while walking. He believes: "This is a case of subsidence or sand collapsed. On the crater walls can be seen pattern "And. The gorge runs to a small lake. "That's where bubbles rise mysterious out of the water." It bubbles suspiciously- perhaps a gas. Probably, in the next few days, the earth will move again.

What exactly happened here? Harry Strohm (52) from the State Agency of Geology "said that surface water probably dug into this groove. This may be part of an earlier hole in GDR times. By the holes under the ground, the earth could be now collapsed. "So far there have been no landslides though the cause of the crater is still unknown. Usedom may not be in any danger. A geologist is yet to figure out if the hole will increase in size. -Bild.de -Translated from German

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