Basic Illuminati matrix & Factions guide

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Above: Ancient Sumerian Reptilian "Gods from the skies" artifacts


- The Anunnaki is the name for what are basically, the dark ET's who used to control the Illuminati. The name comes from the ancient Sumerian "Gods" Anu and offspring (Enki, Enlil, etc,) who weren't Gods at all and who were believed by Sumerians to originally "created" humans as servants for themselves. Of course, they didn't "create" the human form but were involved in negative genetic DNA manipulation of the human. Much of what is called "junk DNA" isn't junk at all - it's disconnected / manipulated strands that date back many thousands of years. Before what many call "the fall" (of consciousness), fully conscious humans had 12-strands of DNA. This was reduced to 2-strands to allow little more than reproduction and basic servitude (plus an almost total disconnection from everything higher outside the Earth), and part of the current ongoing Ascension process involves the rebuilding / reconnection back up to 12-stands. Same goes for chakra's which are also increasing from basic 7 to fully conscious 13. DNA is FAR more complicated that most people imagine - it's not just biochemical information storage blocks, but the fully activated strands themselves act like "scalar wave" antenna for reception of information outside the body and whose function goes way beyond observable 3D space/time, and the Anunnaki were responsible for a great deal of this manipulation:-


Left: Ancient Sumerian "grey" alien artifact. Right : Ancient "alien babies" tablet.

Many people nickname the Anunnaki the "reptilians". They're quite real and of off-planet origin and were controllers of the Illuminati for millennia up the the mid-1990's when many of these dark ones turned back to the light after they realised the Earth would be successful at Ascension and they would lose control. It's mostly their stubborn and arrogant Illuminati underlings on Earth (some are human, some reptilian, some hybrids) who are in denial that Ascension will succeed for their "slaves" (us) that are the current problem:-

Top level Illuminati Groups:-

- 13 Illuminati families (bloodlines is a more accurate word as they have a lot more reach than just 13 surnames / immediate families). The below link will give you a basic outline of many of them, but they have more than just 13 surnames of Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothshild, Russell & Van Duyn). Eg, the Collins family have a large "Todd" off-branch as well as Whitney & Vanderbilt offshoots, whilst the Rothschilds original name was "Bauer" (Rothschild is just an adopted name from the German symbol rotes schild - the red shields):-


Above: David Rockefeller


Most people know about more about the Rockefellers and Rothschilds because they're the most visible in society via banking, but the other families are equally powerful / influential, with some even worse behavior. Most names will seem unfamiliar because they prefer to always use / hide behind intermediaries. Sometimes, they're more direct though. For example, the Collins family is one of the most occult and is deeply into Satanism / ritual sacrifices (even child sacrifices), etc, with some pretty nasty stuff that I won't repeat here. The DuPont's are much more into defence contracting & the global arms & drugs trade, whilst the Russell's are more into controlling organised religion (eg, they're heavily involved in Jesuits, the Mormons, and especially Freemasonry, and even directly invented & created the Jehovah's Witnesses via Charles Taze Russell). William Huntington Russell also founded an American chapter of the Skull & Bones.

- The "hidden" side of the Vatican, eg, Jesuits & "Black Pope" (Superior General of the Jesuits) who are more of a dark controlling intelligence agency than anything remotely spiritual. This includes a lot of related secretive groups such as Opus Dei and high level 33rd degree Freemasons. One good book to read on this is "Vatican Assassins" by Eric Jon Phelps. The Jesuits / Black Pope basically controls the official Pope & Vatican and has assassinated / poisoned several Popes in the past, including the previous one (John Paul) who tried to modernize some of the Catholic Church's teachings. Basically the official Pope's either "tow the line" or end up assassinated or contracting an "illness" of some kind.

High level Illuminati Groups:-

- Committee of 300 - These are the immediate underlings of the Illuminati. Although Benjamin Fulford posts some mixed truth stuff, one thing that does seem accurate is his list of names for the C300. It's a few years old, so some might have changed, but aside from some top Illuminati family members in there, it includes well known "power people" such as Warren Buffet, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, John Maynard Keynes, many European monarchies (Merovingian bloodline), author Aldous Huxley (whose novel "Brave New World" is more of an Illuminati instruction manual than fiction!), the Oppenheimers (Ernest & Harry) and Cecil Rhodes who control most of Africa's wealth via gold & diamond mining Anglo-American Corp & De Beers and fund a lot of wars via "blood diamonds"). Hillary Clinton is rumored to be one that isn't listed. Henry Kissinger is the "handler" of Sarah Palin & John McCain:-

Mid level Illuminati "secret" societies:-

- There are many of these who both feed directly into the C300 and 13 families. Examples are : Senior Freemasons, Knights Templars, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Ordo Templi Orientis, P2 lodge, Skull & Bones, Bohemian grove and the Club of Rome. There have also been others in the past created for the purpose of censoring ET disclosure particularly Majestic 12.

To give examples, Rupert Murdoch who owns a huge swathe of international media including Fox News is a Knight of Malta, whilst many former US presidents / hopefuls are from the Skull & Bones not least of which are John Kerry all three Bush's (two George's and Prescott):-

Skull & Bones membership list:-


Above: George Bush is the one standing immediately left of the clock in the light colored jacket.

Time magazine was founded by two Bonesmen. Bush Jnr also appointed 10 Bonesmen to ambassadorships and other positions in his administration.

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 at David Rockefeller's estate in Bellagio, Italy, and contains a huge list of current and former heads of state, monarchs and other influential personnel. It spawned off two smaller siblings : the Club of Budapest and the Club of Madrid. The former is focused on social and cultural aspects of their agenda, while the latter concentrates on the political aspects. Members include : Al Gore, Queen of Spain (and many Euro monarchs), Mikhail Gorbachev (co-founder of Club of Madrid), bank CEO's, European Policy Center directors, Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the United Nations), Tony Blair (and many other former heads of state), Ted Turner, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, etc.

Mid level publicly seen global control organisations:-

- These are basically the highest visible (for most people) supra-national global control structures who create laws and rules which national governments are expected to obey. They typically include : World Bank, ECB (European Central Bank), EIB (European Investment Bank), EU (European Union), IMF (International Monetary Fund), BIS (Bank of International Settlements), WTO (World Trade Organization), WHO (World Health Organization), various regional development banks, G20, Council of Europe, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), and of course, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), the UN (United Nations) and particularly the UN Security Council. The public face of the Vatican issuing decrees / threats of excommunication falls under this global control structure too.

Lower level "secret" societies / influential / control groups:-

- These are typically regionally / nationally focussed on controlling / influencing / grooming Illuminati puppets for office in various governments, as well as controlling various corporations, governments and banks outright. They're made up of six main groups:-

1. Policy control groups : Eg, Council on Foreign Relations, European Council on Foreign Relations (founded by Club of Rome members Diego Hidalgo & George Soros), Trilateral Commission, Bildeberg Group, RIAA (Royal Institute for International Affairs), Fabian Society, Pilgrim Society, etc. They also include Foundations, eg, Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller & Rhodes). Their job is to "feed" candidates not just for presidency but typically Congress / Senate / Parliaments and other major power positions as well. Nearly all US presidents over the past 50 years have belonged to one or another. CFR tends to deal more with the USA, whilst the Fabian / Pilgrim Society tends to deal more with Europe. The Trilateral Commission & Bildeberg Group often overlap both when it comes to globalism. Their job is basically "policy control" and promoting globalism & debt-based fractional reserve banking (which is often thinly veiled imperialism / resource control).

2. Psychology control groups : Part of this is overt mind-control, eg, MK-Ultra & Tavistock Institute (both of whom have done some pretty nasty stuff), etc, but much more is the many numerous "social psychology engineering groups" better known as "think tanks" who shape public opinions via skewed polls, opinion columns and the endless stream of "experts" who appear as commentators in the mainstream media. They are often the "they" when you hear "they say that..." in response to any political hot-topic. It also includes mainstream "news" propaganda pieces who both shape people's opinions and keep people whipped up into a frenzy via divide and conquer psychology.

Think tanks include RAND corporation, Americans for a Safe Israel, AEI (American Enterprise Institute), The Heritage Foundation, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Asper Institute, Brookings Institution, CATO, CADS (Center for Advanced Defense Studies), CNAS (Center for a New American Security), CDI (Center for Defense Information), CSP (Center for Security Policy), CPD (Committee on the Present Danger), CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute), FPRI (Foreign Policy Research Institute), Hoover Institute, Hudson Institute, JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), PNAC (Project for the New American Century), Nixon Center, and hundreds more - WAY too many to name even in just the US, let alone globally!

It also includes "astroturfed" groups (fake grassroots movements set up to oppose environmental accountability & anti-fraud regulation in the guise of prmoting "smaller government"), the most obvious is FreedomWorks and "Americans for Prosperity" who both fund the Tea Party but are both in turn +90% owned and controlled by the corrupt billionaire Koch Brothers who have done everything from stealing oil from Indian lands to dumping high-ammonia wastewater into the Mississippi River in 1999. The "Sarah Scaife Foundation" has also donated millions to the Tea Party. This is owned by billionaire neocon Richard Mellon Scaife who is heavily into oil & banking and regularly donate millions to several neocon think-tanks (such as AEI) most of whom regularly receive large sums of money from ExxonMobil and openly support the Patriot Act and bank bailouts. They're basically playing Tea Partiers for fools and have hijacked and twisted it into something much darker than its original grassroots anti-bank-bailout rally.

3. Financial control groups : Basically, privately owned central banks, eg, Federal Reserve & IRS, Bank of England, etc, and related financial influential groups and regulators who deliberately pretend to be incompetent and allow disasters, inflation and "booms & busts" via deliberate rapid credit expansion & deflation cycles to "accidentally" happen to profit from. Everyone loses in these cycles - except these financial control groups who create them (and their puppet-masters). Examples are the ratings agencies who gave AAA ratings to over-leveraged junk investments whilst pretending to be incompetent each time, and committee's which decide on interest rates. These are generally the same people who placed giant downward-movement "put options" on airline stocks on 9/10/2001, and hollowed out many banks back in 2007.

4. Religious control groups : Al Qaeda, Hamas & Hezbollah, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, National Council of Churches, Roman Catholic Church, various satanic groups, World Council of Churches, etc, have all been penetrated / have others agenda's that differ from the public viewed one, and in the case of Al Qaeda - outrightly invented from scratch by Intelligence agencies precisely to boost the power and influence of Intelligence agencies and allow the creation of new ones (Homeland Security) with warrantless seizure powers.

5. Globalist corporations : Various National Banks (Chase Manhattan, Goldman-Sachs, Citibank, etc), plus many numerous other major corporations who actively conspire and collude to create a "race to the bottom" sub-minimum wage poverty climate in the veil of "outsourcing". It also includes energy corporations who are actively covering up / discouraging alternative energy development (ie, the oil & gas industries), pharmaceutical industries "headlock" on health policy across the world, and global cartels & monopolies, especially OPEC.

6. Intelligence and military groups : The obvious MIC (Military Industrial Complex) falls under this as does most national Intel groups whose influence ranges from moderate to totally compromised (CIA). Examples include British Intel (MI5 / MI6 / SIS), BND (Germany), DGSE (France), Interpol, KGB / FSB / GRU (Russia), Mossad (Israel), US Intel (CIA / FBI / FEMA / Homeland Security / NASA / NSA, etc), etc.

Bottom level "useful scapegoat puppet" groups, AKA, national governments:-

And finally, below all the above on the bottom rung, you have your various National Governments. The people that most asleep people love to bash the most for "stupidity" - in truth, they're little more than the puppets of puppets of puppets of the master puppeteers who mostly aren't stupid at all - they're often smart enough to play dumb as a cover whilst following a totally different agenda.


The above is is a basic outline of "the system" as the dark run it. As for factions, people have different ideas of factions. The way most people here use it is that Factions 1 & 2 are two halves of the Illuminati (Rothschilds & Rockefellers) who differ in approach (but still agree on many things). "Faction 3" however, is used here to describe what the good guys are doing. I'll quote from Beth's "sister site" to this one grt-intel.com:-

"Another reference you will encounter dealing with political/economic matters are the three factions or power alignment interests. F1 is primarily focused in Europe {Rothschilds, etc.}; F2 is primarily focused in the US {Rockefellers, Bush, Clinton, Mellon, Chase, etc.} and F3 involves elements of all these plus the galactic hierarchy {Sananda, St Germain, Ascended masters, Ashtar command, and is coordinated on the earth by an insider whom we refer to as KOS {the King of Swords} who, with St Germain, was appointed by the ICJ {Int'l Ct of Justice in the Hague} in 1999 as head of the 4 Million man, worldwide militia, and pro-forma president of the US. KOS is an enhanced galactic-human with a 3d job, wife and history who speaks 23 languages. He and those who work with him and the galactics are at 38 levels above the President of the US.

That level involves the ACIO {Alien Contact Intel Org}. Labyrinth Group is the innermost director level researching and working directly with the positive galactic members of the InterGalacticConfederation of Worlds {IGC/GF} and coordinating earth-galactic interfaces dealing with planetary ascension, time travel and many technologies too important and powerful to discuss here at this time.

The four interviews with Dr Neruda {see Wingmakers website index for important background information on ACIO/Labyrinth group matters which I highly recommend for your consideration}. Some perspectives have since been upgraded through direct contact with higher dimensional sources not contacted at the time {around 1997} those interviews were conducted. The balance of the material on that website is of mixed content and may not be absent of manipulation/spin. (May 27, 2008.)

We need to understand that there are two distinctly different stories parading across the internet. F1/F2 [i.e., Factions 1 and 2] are disseminating 3D linear info from their sources: It's mostly true, so don't fault them for lack of integrity. F3 [i.e., Faction 3] is disseminating 3D>5D information through direct conduits including this one. Some of that information includes Decloakings, Ashtar Command information, etc.

Notice that F1/F2 doesn't go there: They don't have those sources except co-opted channels in their Remote Viewing group, which only talk about 'fearful Armageddon' stories. So understand that F3 is 38 levels above the President and includes KOS & his 16 million Galactic-Human hybrids/Ashtar Command/Ascended Masters/GF forces and 4 million human worldwide militia.

All the alphabet agencies known, and a few most do not know, have white knight assets inside. Those white knights along with about 40,000 fully awake and aware galactic-humans will combine with complements in the military to bring about/support the needed changes. (March 30, 2008.)

The sources of our information, come from both alternative broadcast media--like Air America Radio; local media personalities and, most importantly, from those at 38 levels above the President in the ACIO/Seal/Delta Teams/King of Swords/King of Egypt (code names of course); Mother Sekhmet--direct channelling on Thursday evenings; OOB meetings with Ashtar, Sananda, Ascended Masters on the starships

Similarly, unless you have been a West Wing fan...and believe in fictional Presidents, we can't even go 1 level above that without running into things classified beyond the President's purview. If you read the Reagan dialogue notes from his 'Visitor' briefings you quickly note that they had to remind him that he wasn't cleared for anything more than the fact that they had security issues and technologies he had to sign budgets for without knowing what they actually did.

Now take that into the arena of anti-gravity principles, ET-human-genetic research; cloning research, mind control advances and much, much more, all of which he was not cleared to know. LB Johnson signed for construction of 22 deep underground ET facilities in the 4 Corners area and he was only told that they were part of his protection in case of nuclear or other disasters. It was a complete fabrication.

If you saw some of the 'routine' research that ACIO/Labyrinth sub-group scientists were engaged in--like time travel and reverse-engineering of crashed star-craft and sophisticated electronics/nano-technologies and Artificial Intelligence (alluded to in the WingMaker materials), you would understand that almost everything they were dealing with was even above the Illuminati's pay grade.


We are now in 4th-5th generation anti-gravity production models of at least 12 exotic types of craft with phenomenal speeds, abilities and much, much more, like beam weapons outmoding all conventional weapons and even conventional wars, while NASA continues to slog through the atmosphere of Earth and Moon-Mars missions that are 60 years beyond the secret military equipment developments.

Quantum computers and quantum entanglement are considered theoretical by mainstream science, even at MIT and Cal Tech, where at least a few ones are involved in projects where these are everyday technologies used by NSA in the secret space programs involving re-supply of colonies on Mars and the Moon and re-supply of Secret Space Stations on a regular basis.

3D is linear time-bound; 5D is multi-dimensional and outside of time in No-Time. Let that sink in." - Mark Huber

 Above: TR-3B's are early technology "old news" anti-gravity craft. Other more advanced later generation anti-gravity craft include "Shark" helicopter and "Aurora" craft exist.

Some quick notes on above for those not aware:-

1. As usual, whenever the truth comes out, the dark rush to set up a similar disinfo site with corrupted info. As a result, there are two Wingmakers sites - www.wingmakers.us is the original one, however, parts have been changed / deleted and a secondary www.wingmakers.com website set up as described here:-

"Should you choose to explore the current WingMakers website at wingmakers.com, please be aware that the it has changed in many ways from its original form. The WingMakers story there has been seriously distorted to the point of being disinformation. For further information on how the website has been changed and distorted, click here:-"

2. ACIO is an ultra-secretive sub-branch of the NSA. They are the *real* leading edge global space technology agency if you like, NASA is just a PR front. Buried even deeper within that is a smaller subgroup called the "Labyrinth Group" who turned to the light years ago under the command of a man just code-named "15". They possess some radical quite jaw-dropping technologies. They are described here:-

In short, as Mark described them, Factions 1 & 2 are Illuminati (dark) whilst Faction 3 is a mixture of benevolent Galatics, and ultra-secretive White Knight organisations not just working to restore sovereignty, but also prepare for disclosure and to create a genuinely "galactic" full conscious society that will far better assist people in the Ascension process than the current control matrix and will be far in advance of what is "the norm" today on all levels.

Hope this helps, everyone.

Thank you.

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