Lithospheric fracturing being reported across the globe

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dinsdag 8 maart 2011


March 7, 2011 - Above- unexplained fissures in the ground in Michigan, Bolivia, the Philippines, Peru and the most recent eruption in Gulistan Pakistan (video). Unexplained surface deformation of the planet should in itself alarm us especially when most of the events erupted with no reported accompanying episodes of seismic activity. Lithospheric fracturing of the planet’s crust is another sign terrestrial tensile integrity is degrading. This phenomenon was also reported in India in February of this year when land cracks set off a panic in Jamuria, in the Burdwan district of India. See report: India

Rochelle, a picture is worth a thousand words. What's he saying may not be so important as what's being conveyed in the video. The fissure is multi-fractural and appears to be more than 60 meters long at best guess. It's happened in a remote region of the country- so we can rule out fractures from a water pressures. Not a mountainous region and no expulsions from the fissure, so likely not volcanic in nature- leaving us with a clean fissure that probably happened without a quake. The abiding question in these incidents is: What is tearing the land into? If it's stress related; it's worrisome. Now, the dire implications- If there are tears in surface topography of the planet, we can likewise assume there are also rips or faults occurring below the surface and also under the ocean. And that's just what we're seeing as evidenced from the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Laguna Salada tear in Baja California in April of 2010 and the new fault rip under New Zealand from the Canterbury quake of September 2010. Faults are evidence of seismic instability and potential cavities for magma ejection if the ruptures occur near a volcanically-active region or hotspot. All this geological deformation is indication of just how far and how fast this process is advancing and shows us we are running out of time before these processes culminate in a series of major catastrophic events. 

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