Mysterious lava substance oozes from the ground in India

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dinsdag 8 februari 2011

February 8, 2011 - KURNOOL, India - In a strange phenomenon, a black chemical substance gushed out from the earth, creating panic in Maddikera village in Kurnool district on Monday. Huge cavities also formed in the three acres of land owned by a farmer, Nagaiah, of Maddikere, about 100 km from Kurnool, soon after the black substance spewed out from beneath the land. Nagaiah said it damaged the soil. The nearby grass caught fire when the black substance spread like lava from a volcano. A cement electric pole in the vicinity collapsed. Nagaiah said he first saw the phenomenon two days ago. Officials rushed to the village to take stock of the strange occurrence. Experts said they would conduct studies to unravel the mystery behind the spewing out of the blackish material from beneath. -Times of India

A shepherd first noticed a strange odour and plants withering. The inquisitive shepherd alerted other villagers who came to find out the source of the bad odour and finally zeroed in to the field belonging to one farmer Lakshminarayana Reddy. At the field, the villagers found two deep holes from which lava-like black like substance erupted. Scared at the strange phenomenon, the villagers alerted a geologist for studying the strange phenomenon. According to an eye witness fire along with the black substance erupted out of the Earth surface at two different points. Geologist Mohana Rao said that a disturbance in the Earth had occurred after the earth quakes in Thailand, Tirupati and Delhi. The rock formations process below the earth surface had created gaps resulting in creation of a weak zone in the Dolorite rocks. Explaining the phenomenon, Mohan Rao maintained that an inorganic compound solution had oozed out of the lithosphere. The lava substance is being sent to geological laboratory for a thorough study. -The Hindu

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