Mayan Universal Cycle begins February 10, 2011 (?)

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maandag 31 januari 2011

  The actual pattern of Creation described by the Mayan calendar looks like a pyramid which consists of nine levels or cycles. The bottom level or cycle in the pyramid represents the longest period of time, i.e., 16.4 billion years ago and is called the Cellular level of Creation (first live cells). The second level or cycle from the bottom of the pyramid is 20 times shorter, i.e., 840 million years ago and is called the Mammalian level of Creation (first live births).

Continuing up the pyramid in this fashion with each level becoming 20 times shorter than the latter, the third level ,i.e., 41 million years ago is the Family level (family relationships). The fourth level, i.e., 2 million years ago, is the Tribal level (Homo Sapiens/tools). The fifth level, i.e., 102,000 years ago is the Cultural level (agriculture/religion). The sixth level, i.e., 5,116 years ago is the National level (sovereign nations/laws). The seventh level, i.e., 1755 AD is the planetary level (internet/global economy). The eighth level, January 4, 1999, is the Galactic level (ethical considerations). And the ninth level, i.e., February 10, 2011, is the Universal level (conscious co-creation).
Here is a quick run through of the previous cycles and the consciousness that each level produced:

Cellular cycle - beginning 16.4 billion years ago, developed the consciousness of Action/Reaction.

Mammalian cycle - beginning 820 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Response.

Familial cycle - beginning 41 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Individual Response.

Tribal cycle - beginning 2 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Similarities/Differences.

Cultural cycle - beginning 102,000 years ago, developed the consciousness of Reasons.

National cycle - beginning in the year 3115 B.C., developed the consciousness of Law.

Planetary cycle - beginning in the year 1755 A.D., developed the consciousness of Power.

Galactic cycle - beginning January 5, 1999, developing the consciousness of Ethics.

Universal cycle - beginning February 10, 2011, will be developing the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation.

Looking at the timing and the product of each of the nine cycles listed above, we can see an orderly progression of the development of consciousness and our abilities to interact with the universe. Each time that this pattern has repeated it has done so 20 times faster than the previous cycle.

This quite handily explains why time seems to be speeding up. Time is not speeding up. It is creation itself that is speeding up with more and more happening in less and less time.

February 10, 2011 is when the Earth and humanity will be entering the final cycle (9th) of the 9 Levels of Consciousness.
The first cycle began 16.4 Billion years ago.

The last cycle will last 260 days and are divided into 7 "days" and 6 "nights".

Each "day" represents a new enlightenment,
Each "night" represents the application of the enlightenment.

This cycle will have a new enlightenment lasting 20 days,
in which the corresponding 20 days will be our application of this enlightenment.
Day 1: February 10
Night 1: March 2

Day 2: March 22
Night 2: April 11

Day 3: May 1
Night 3: May 21

Day 4: June 10
Night 4: June 30

Day 5: July 20
Night 5: August 9

Day 6: August 29
Night 6: September 18

Day 7: October 8
Only time will tell, I am anxiously awaiting the change this world needs.Source:
New Revelations Mayan Calendar

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