Zeitgeist #3 - The Earth's Holocaust

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vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Leaders become rash, frightened and impatient
Regimes, presidents and prime ministers flail and flee
The world in chaos and confusion
Hypocritical rulers fear they'll run out of time

They justify invasions and occupations
In the name of democracy and peace
They ferret out their opponents, branding them tyrants and terrorists
While spewing hatred and suspicion to support their claims
Destroying whole nations under pretence of security and peace

Holocaust after holocaust has plagued the world
Races, religions and regions have been raided and ruined
Next on the agenda are Muslims
Especially those from the Middle East

The Three Jokers still cover their tails
Justifying their lies that fuelled the Iraq invasion
Seeking to make Persia their carpet
To delay their pending demise

When things are beyond empirical proof
As long-standing models break down
The baffled experts still arrogantly attest
That they are right

Once the Qualas chosen launching pad
The land of Oz has fallen prey
To planned droughts and floods
Victim of the unseen wars

Attacked from within and without
People of Oz suffer consequences from hidden foes
Who wish them ill
And hope to steal their wealth and quash their spirit

The Qualas now plan a new launching pad
Far from the wake they leave in Oz

Electro-magnetism, too, has fallen victim
To external forces and manipulation
Bodies are weakened and diseases sponsored
As dramatic weight losses or gains affect animals and humans
Some will wither, no matter how much they consume
Others will bloat and puff, no matter how little they eat

Events are swirling
Abruptly shifting
Guards are changing
As people are re-shuffled

Every human will fall victim of the Final Holocaust
With survivors being taken as prisoners of war
Those pulling the strings
Are surely not human

Convergence of energies soon to occur
In Oz, the Eagle's land and on the sandy plains

The Bear and the Eastern Dragon watch
The Red Dragon, the Lion and their Blue Flute
Gasp and choke
Their game is up

The irony is that humans have been divided
To fight each other
While behind the scenes
The real enemies are alien to this planet

© 2011 Amitakh Stanford

Bron: flyingbuffaloes7.net

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