Bill Ryan's Commentaar op Rulers of the world video‏

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vrijdag 21 januari 2011

N.a.v. onlangs verschenen interview met Charles, de 1e man die constructief naar buiten is getreden vanuit de zogenaamde `illuminati`, heeft Bill Ryan(oprichter en interviewer van Project Avalon) een verhelderend commentaar opgenomen:
Het intrigerende interview met Charles heeft de afgelopen dagen veel stof doen opwaaien.

Quote Charles reactie op Avolon forum;
I view these posts whilst listening to the sands of time.

I have been shot at and one of my colleagues had half his head blown off and was killed in the car I was travelling in.

I have had a very interesting holiday in kiri kiri prison (Nigeria) where to stay fed and watered I had to fight various animals for the entertainment of guards.

Some complete strangers with nothing put their families in danger just because they felt and were told I was important.
(Bear in mind I'm white, and their country is a complete disaster due to mainly white men.)

Injuries included various head traumas, both hands broken, one of my fingers almost removed, a tendon in each hand no longer functioning correctly, a dislocated knee, bones broken in both feet (hammer).

I have spent large sums of money protecting ALL of you on this forum.

Prevented my own men from acting on some of the comments made here.

Also gathering evidence for Bill has put me in direct conflict with old brothers from my criminal days. These are people that you would NEVER enjoy meeting.

 En hier zijn volgende reactie op het forum van Project Avalon, http://projectavalon.net/forum4/

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