UK soldier returns medal to protest war

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maandag 22 november 2010

UK soldier returns medal in protest to war in Afghanistan

UK former soldier has decided to return his military medal in a "symbolic protest" to Britain's role in the war in Afghanistan...

UK soldier returns medal in protest to war in Afghanistan(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Joe Glenton, 27, had previously served six months in a military prison after refusing to fight in Afghanistan.

Prior to returning the medal Mr Glenton said: "I got home from my experience when I was released from prison and looked back and thought, five years in the army, what an extremely dubious war.

"I've been in exile and prison for raising my views and I looked at it and thought rather than having it gather dust here, I'll take it and give it back to them... I think it is a powerful gesture."

"I am going to hand it back, I don't want it, I'm not proud of it. My badge of honour is four months in prison, that's my position."

Mr Glenton, from York, now an anti-war campaigner, is studying international relations and peace at Leeds Metropolitan University. Speaking about his opposition to the war, he said: "I've developed my own views and looked at the facts and I didn't agree with it any more.

"I joined the Army for the reason a lot of people do, there was no moral driver. You join because if you are a working class kid you want a job.

"That's the bottom line, hunger is a recruiting sergeant.

"The answer to this conflict will be Afghan-led and not British, they need to be engaging with those people."

Mr Glenton was joined by members of Military Families Against The War campaign group, who delivered a letter to the Prime Minister asking for British troops to be brought home.

"There's a real up-swell of awareness now among military families and among the military, and among the people in this country, that this conflict is, has kind of turned into a face-saving exercise and that's why it's being dragged out," said Mr Glenton.

"This is a majority opinion, 70% of people in this country want withdrawal, whatever their background, that's across the board whatever their politics are, because this is an expensive, messy, gory face-saving exercise and that's quite clear to people."

A Downing Street spokesman said Mr Cameron would not be available to talk to Mr Glenton.

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