Scientist explains the UFO orbs and the rodin coils

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dinsdag 21 september 2010

This is the science that focuses on the electromagnetic manipulation of matter. The experiment performed here used water, once the electromagnetic field was manipulated and increased the droplets of water started to hover and a steady flow was achieved thereby aligning several orbs to coexist near each other without erupting, notice in each droplet the forces of pressure acting on the orb, The UFO Orb creates a magnetic field similar to the one in the test shown in the video.

The UFO Orbs have achieved an advanced level of understanding when dealing with the manipulation of electromagnetic waves. Note that all solids are not attached on an atomic level. Note that on an atomic level all matter is being held together by electromagnetic fields. Now in 2010 we are experimenting with tunning this field to achieve levitation, we now now that it is possible because the human body is composed of 70% water and if we were to replace the droplets of water in the test with a human, the human would also levitate in place.

By changing the electromagnetic field you in turn changed the way all structures are held together, so on a bigger scale, you can literally walk through a wall or levitate if you raise your electromagnetic field to that of the wall. This science is new to the public, but not to the elite. Education is the KEY to human evolution.

The UFO ORB is an Electromagnetic Vehicle - More info at: http://ddsdtv.blogspot.com - Project Camelot Researchers United

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