UFO over Naval Vessel in Bridlington Bay, UK 18-Sep2010

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dinsdag 21 september 2010

Interesting footage of UFO activity in the night sky over Naval Vessel in Bridlington Bay, UK. This video was filmed on Saturday, 18th September 2010.

Witness report: [1st video] Yeah man finally paid off..standing around in the middle of the night!..freezing..its all happening at minute though just been filming venus now allsorts o wierd´╗┐ shit going on its Pulsing it looks like its being propelled along by a purple jet plume whille four or 5 orbs are flying round it..will post in a bit..but getting my astro telescope out later got a usb eyepiece that lets me view and record through me laptop. I find it miighty strange that a Coldwar nuclear bunker was closed at the hight of the cold war ..I wander what drove em out..even wierder a satanic cult moved in for 8 years..and had to be evicted by mod b4 they could sell.I wonder if they opened a portal9a sin why the military got out //what did they come across..and now its nearing 2012 I hear these orbs are getting more regular every´╗┐ where around the world..phew that was hardb work.

[2nd video] Mystery black opp ..special boat services..boat signaling to ? you decide..same place same time as ufo over naval vessel..different camera.this boat has been here for over 6 months though mostly further off shore.. its strange my mate who works in the kitchen here said at 830 the night before last ..the night i got the plasma orb..which by the way is exactly the same place the Big ship was signalling by the way the ver5y next day!!..well my mate said when he road down the cliff top back to Brd he said the moon was not up it was totally clear but he could see a glowwing throbbing light under the sea ..no boats nothing ..and then i film the Plasma Orb..its getting exciting!

1st Video
UFO ORB OVNI Hovering over Naval Vessel Bridlington Bay UK18 09 2010

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