UFO that terrified passengers photographed from plane

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maandag 2 augustus 2010

UFO that terrified  passengers photographed from plane

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

An astonishing UFO event has taken place in the skies above Brazil. Photographs have come to light of a UFO that monitored a plane and terrified travellers.

The man who took the photos as the plane flew over Rio de Janiero (three in total and two of which can be viewed above and below) was a passenger on the airplane who was on vacation.

Several other passengers saw the object in question, which was described by witnesses as an egg-shaped ball of light.

Some passengers screamed in fear as they felt the plane was too close to the UFO, and there was the possibility of a collision between the two craft..

According to statements of passengers, the UFO maneuvered among the clouds, but continued to monitor the aircraft for about two minutes .

The camera used to capture the UFO was a Nokia 3120 Classic.

This publication has extensively reported on small orbs sent by an alien civilization located in Andromeda to monitor Earth and has received information that these orbs enter Earth above Brazil through a star-gate. The orbs are "unmanned" and travel across galaxies at speeds well beyond that of light.

Government scientists studying UFOs make frequent trips to Brazil and will certainly be studying this case.



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