World Deception 2

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zondag 14 maart 2010

This is not intended to be a conspiracy theory series. This series continues where the first series left off.
It will cover materials dealing with people's beliefs, combined with our everyday life. Covering deceptions you maybe weren't aware of. About the media, hollywood, food, teaching systems, everything you can imagine, indoctrinating your mind and soul. There are so many deceptions going on around the clock in our time.

There will be added parts with links to the series further down, after each release.

I have made this for you, so you can at least see and believe what ever you want to believe. I have never claimed i'm right or wrong. All i want is for you to use your mind, use it. You have it for a reason. Don't dismiss it, don't fill your mind with entertainment ect. Unless you know what it is. That is my only message to you. Free your mind, and use it.

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