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dinsdag 16 februari 2010

What if clones are replacing people more and more as the identities of humans are stolen? Most of the human victims could be quickly and quietly exterminated without anyone suspecting the switch. The clones that replace specific humans will perform the same functions as the original humans did before the clonal theft. Then there are other types of clones that do not replace specific humans, but instead are directly “manufactured” to look and function as if they were humans. For all intents and purposes, they are highly sophisticated biological androids. What if the ruling elite are using alien replacement clones of humans and manufactured androids in their plan for One World Government?

The ruling elite have their eyes on China for their base of operations. Traditionally, the Chinese people are not warmongers. They do have domestic battles, but, by and large, they are not so interested in world conquest. However, as I have written before, certain Anunnaki “minds” have been migrating to China, and those minds have very different ideas from the traditional Chinese minds. Thus, the face of China is changing.

What if the aliens are aggressively and intensively cloning replacement humans in China? These clones would be replacing their human counterparts – especially those in strategic positions. These would be in addition to the android clones infiltrating all walks of life in China and other countries.

China already has a huge army of which every nation in the world takes notice. What if the conventional army of China swells dramatically due to the addition of clonal androids, and the important command positions become infested with replacement clones?

What if the Chinese people are being programmed to believe that toxic cane toads are culinary delicacies, and the consumption of the toads will benefit their health? In Australia, the cane toads are so toxic that venomous black snakes are frequently found dead with cane toads in their mouths. What if the toxin in cane toads, when ingested by humans, can cause brain damage or make them more susceptible to cloning? What if there is an agenda to infest the Chinese human population with replacement clones and other androids, and the Australian cane-toad “invasion” is just a tiny part of this diabolical plan?

What if the supposed American dream of wanting to be the world’s policeman was really an alien programmed desire, and that dream is now being shifted and imposed on China? What if, at this time, China has no design for territorial expansion, although it still adamantly insists that Taiwan is a part of its nation? What if the “souls” of Taiwan and China are esoterically linked together?

What if certain major political figures throughout the world have been classified by the ruling elite as being either sympathetic towards the ruling elite, being indifferent to the ruling elite or being resistant to the ruling elite? What if in the earlier stages of the cloning attacks on humans, the ruling elite replacement clones begin eliminating the staunchest resistance to the ruling elite’s One World Government plans?

The deepening global economic crisis has affected nearly the whole planet. The desperate situation in Spain and the looming catastrophe in Greece are affecting the stronger economic partners in Europe. However, can they hold up the smaller nations when things worsen and more European nations follow the Greco/Spanish downturn? What if that is part of the plan of the ruling elite and the reason they introduced the Euro as a unified currency for most of Europe – to bring about financial upheaval in that continent? It is no accident that certain nations have not adopted the Euro for their currency despite the reasons they have given for not accepting it.

What if the influx of refugees throughout the world is part of a plan to cause internal racial, religious, social and economic problems to disrupt domestic government in various countries so that martial law can eventually be implemented? What if the ruling elite programme some people to violently resist the influx of refugees whilst programming others to openly welcome refugees so they can cause domestic strife?

What if the ruling elite have declared war on humans?

What if fluoridated drinking water is purposely being used to tranquilize, programme and numb the brains of people? What if drinking water is used to administer various drugs and toxins to particular regions to affect people in different ways?

What if some foods are purposely adulterated to bring about diseases and disorders in humans and animals? When the ruling elite “poisons” the food supply, they can then bring about obesity, depression, despair, anxiety, panic, psychosis and other emotional/psychological problems in unparalleled proportions.

What if “lone gunmen” are programmed to do evil by governmental people for the purpose of allowing legislatures to implement laws to control people and to make it difficult for people to freely possess firearms? Unarmed populations are severely disadvantaged in any attempts to resist ruling governments.

What if the ruling elite’s “lone gunmen” are used in politics, business, religions, education, military and many other fields, in different countries around the world?

What if many heinous projects that appear to have been run by “mad scientists” gone amok were really just versions of “unarmed lone gunmen” with total deniability for their respective governments that not only funded and condoned the wild projects, but also designed them? What if “mad scientists” are creating genetically manipulated playmates, partners and pets in laboratories for commercial purposes?

What if the power grids are turned off overnight? What if the internet is suddenly turned off? What if communications satellites are turned off? What if airports, train and bus stations are closed?

What if some movies are released to subtly implant hypnotic suggestions to the masses, and certain popular movies are surreptitiously altering the frequencies of human minds?

What if the world’s ruling elite are really alien minds in human bodies? What if wars are planned by aliens, and humans are tricked into fighting them whilst the ruling elite keep human nations driven to anticipate, plan for and participate in shooting wars?

What if aliens are destabilizing human affairs? What if racial, cultural and religious tensions are planned to ensure continued conflict around the globe? What if aliens have provided humans with just enough technology to further enslave humans little by little? What if aliens give warmongering technology to certain unstable types to tempt them to invade other lands?

What if aliens are cloning humans and replacing humans with androids that do the aliens’ bidding?

What if the agenda to radically alter human physiology has commenced, and the medical profession has been infiltrated by alien beings with the purpose of conquering humans?

What if there are secret underground railways connecting secret underground communities to one another? What if the personnel of major institutions around the world are acting for the ruling elite?

What if the body scanners for airports in America, Australia and other places were ordered and delivered long before the leg-wrap injector bomber was conveniently caught in Detroit? We are led to believe that the would-be bomber’s arrest is the supposed reason for the introduction of body scanners at airports. Are the designers of these machines voyeurs who sold their peeping skills to the governments? What if the scanners have been introduced to further discourage travel and thereby weaken the rapidly deteriorating economy, amongst other reasons?

What if US president Obama cancelled the manned lunar project because after almost five decades of trying, they still cannot send humans to the moon?

What if ruling elite agents have programmed groups of people throughout the world to be at their beck and call to act and behave as “rent-a-crowds” to support their plans? “Rent-a-crowd” mobs can be used for many purposes, whether violent, peaceful, wild, chaotic, entranced, fearful, obedient, desperate or otherwise. “Rent-a-crowd” groups can be used on virtually any scale for any purposes. These mobs can assemble at sporting events, civic centres, public parks, on public conveyance, or just about anywhere.

What if “rent-a-crowd” groups are turned on to be destructive to enable justification of draconian laws? What if they are assembled to support particular ideas in society? What if they are used to support or destroy various political candidates, political parties and other organizations?

What if the flat screen televisions and monitors that are replacing cathode ray tube devices are causing various emotional disorders in viewers over a period of time? What if the internet is used to track people and manipulate their minds, and homing, tracking, viewing and listening devices have been secretly placed within cars, computers, telephones, radios, televisions, appliances and the like in order to spy on people? What if these spying devices are very widespread and used daily against hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens?

What if the culling of certain plants and animals and the protection of other plants and animals is part of the ruling elite’s agenda? What if the ruling elite are afraid of certain breeds of dogs whilst they have an affinity with crocodiles, alligators, and snakes?

What if there are many criminal conspiracies and conspiracies within conspiracies going on at any time within the ruling elite, but the ruling elite have so insulated themselves from the filth that if any conspiracy is exposed, the top ones are immune?

What if the ETS is one of these conspiracies? What if the planned cane toad “invasion” of China is another such conspiracy? What if the alien cloning projects are part of the conspiracies? What if “superbug” epidemics are also part of the huge ruling elite conspiracy? What if human affairs are mired in alien conspiracies?

What if the very people scoffing at the idea of aliens on the Earth are aliens themselves misdirecting us, alien collaborators doing the same, or unwitting assistants of the aliens?

What if no matter who wins an important election, they will become targets for replacement cloning if they stand in the way of the ruling elite? The people are given the illusion of democratic choice, but if they choose humans with human hearts and minds, unless the politician’s mind and will are strong enough to reject total control of the cloning, they will fall victim. Besides, even those politicians strong enough to resist replacement cloning of themselves will face block voting from “rent-a-crowd” constituents, and ongoing abuse by the media. This is not a conspiracy theory; it is a conspiracy!

What if almost the whole world has been lulled into complacency and it sees that “everything is beautiful”?

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