Stop the Insanity

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maandag 4 januari 2010

for Dutch viewers / voor Nederlandse kijkers:

Sommigen van jullie kennen Zoek de Waarheid van hyves, van de website, van het vorige filmpje (in het Nederlands, "Mijn boodschap aan de wereld") of nog helemaal niet. Het vorige filmpje kwam regelrecht uit mijn hart, het gaat precies over de drive waarom ik dit alles doe. De cabaretiers waaronder Theo Maassen verwoordden met passie precies dat wat me bezighield en tot op de dag van vandaag nog steeds bezig houdt. Het tweede filmpje, Stop the insanity, is internationaal gericht. Niet om meer leden te krijgen, aangezien de site en de hyve enkel in het Nederlands zijn heeft dat niet zoveel zin. Maar het gaat om de boodschap die zoveel mogelijk mensen moet bereiken, willen we nog iets moois van deze wereld maken. Ik hoop dat mijn filmpje daar een bijdrage aan kan leveren.

When I look around me I see very strange and dangerous things happening. Not only the war which we all know about, but many other things which we seem to forget about or not even care about in our everyday lives. Wether it is de way we treat eachother, the violance, discrimination, the implementation of Orwells 1984, the way we treat the planet, money that seems to be more important to us than the value of a human life, our consuming rage, shallowness, etcetera. Let alone that which happens behind the curtains, the lies about 9/11, the government ignoring your privacy and constitutional rights, the way we Europeans get a EU-president we dit not even elect (what happened to democracy here?) or want in the first place, ensurance companies and banks that invest our money in the weapon industies, and the billions of dollars that are invested in the war while all that money could have been used to feed all the people on earth (which would also be a better offensive against terrorism than giving them more reasons to hate us). This is mass madness. This is insanity.

The way I see it, we can only change this if we do not only become aware of all this, but also accomplish the mentality shift that we really need right now. Im not asking you to riot, but I do ask you to stop accepting this insanity and stop being part of it. Everybody can contribute, even its just about being more friendly to other people, strangers in particular, the help others in need, and reject the political lies that they try to get into your head on the not so objective newschannels.

The truth is, there is a wonderful world out there, waiting to be discovered. The world of insights, that which is pure and essential, about things that are meaningfull, the last corner of magic in a cold mechanical world. Im inviting you to scout this world, whether it is philosophical or spiritual or any other way you like. It is time to stop the insanity, it is time to view the world problems in a wholistic context, and to take the step and reach out for our true potential.

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