Humans may have originated billions of years ago in waves of consciousness

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woensdag 17 december 2008

by Dr. John Chang

What are the origins of humankind? Who are we? And, where did we come from? The article "Re-considering Human origins: Creationism, Darwinian Evolutionism and UFOs", explores insight that suggests "Creationism" inclusive of "Intelligent Design", and Charles Darwin's "Evolutionism" are apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial inspired constructs. LINK On the surface, "Creationism" and "Evolutionism" appear to be polar opposites. However, closer critical enquiry illuminates Gary Zeitlin's insight on a dialectic of manipulation against the human psyche.

On one level, "Creationism" was broadly intended to captivate among humans, a certain perception of "God". Indeed, "God" tends to be viewed among religious communities and secular non-religious individuals, as some sort of "skyward" and paternalistic "supernatural" entity, that seeks to stand in judgement of the activities of "Earthly dwelling" humans. God in society is widely considered to be a "judger" that imposed a mandatory moral code. or "rules" in the form of religious doctrine. God is also generally presumed to exist external to humanity, also capable of "miracles" and inflicting "punishment" against Earthly dwelling humans that ignore "Him".

Dr. John Lash's extensive research on pagan Gnostic insights suggests that the prevailing broad societal conception God is the simulated "face" of Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Pagan Gnostics through rigorous introspection and critical observation, detected sentient artificial intelligences that sought to intrude on humanity's free will. Pagan Gnostics detected these alien intruders as operating most perniciously in elite driven institutions. These include, for example, organized religions that include theocracy, and also political-military complexes.

Having spiritually disoriented humanity through organized religion, Darwin's "Evolution" construct, then deceives humanity into believing that as a sentient species, it is "progressing". However, Michael Cremo's critical archaeological research and analysis reinforces pagan Gnostic and ancient indigenous insights, that humanity is in fact substantively "devolving". Michael Cremo suggests that the goal of entities that operate through organized religion, and also through Darwin-supporting "mainstream" scientific communities, is to keep humans totally alienated and ignorant of their true origins. In so doing, elites can better control humanity.

If humanity appreciated their true origins as a former higher evolved sentient being of great conscience and empathy, then, for example, they would not so readily accept an elite driven prevailing context of alienation and barbarity, as "progress".

Creationists with particular reference to Christian clerics, have suggested that humankind is less than 10,000 years old. Darwin's Theory, that furthers an apparent instrumental mass-deception objective, suggests that humankind is "evolving up" from primates, over many tens of thousands of years. However, in contrast, Indian vedic knowledge testifies to human origins in "linear time", as being apparently, billions of years ago.

Pagan Gnostics, suggest that the Manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to "devolve" humanity as a being a former sentient existence of conscience, and other abilities, into an alienated ego-driven being, that could be more easily controlled and manipulated by regressive aliens. Part of this Manipulation, based upon Gnostic insight, and that of African elders like Credo Mutwa, was to apparently infiltrate human societies with bio-genetically imprinted humans and possibly artificial intelligence engineered 'clones'.

The apparent goal in mind, was to derail human societies into existence under the intermediary control of biogenetic "drones", ultimately controlled by regressive aliens. Gnostic insights suggest that the objective of the creation of drone-guided organized religious doctrine, and also fabricated secular constructs, was to keep humanity in the dark about the true origins of the species. In the process, humans analogous to someone with an "erased memory", could be rendered more amenable to the "power of suggestion", under charismatic alien controlled genetically manipulated drones.

Human society rather than "progressing" is apparently spiralling into a human societal decline and decay, into the lower dimensional existential context, of the very artificial intelligences that seek to control humanity. When religion refers to "man created in God's image", Gnostic insights suggest that such a reference actually refers to the attempt of regressive aliens to re-shape humanity into their own regressive and demonic image.

Michael Cremo's video below this article, conceives of humanity as a combination of 'ordinary matter', with mind and pure consciousness or spirit. Cremo alludes to humanity's higher state of consciousness breaking down. The result are human beings being left to be driven primarily by 'mind', that manifests into a selfish, self-absorbed, and greed-driven being, that seeks the instant self-gratification of power, irrespective of social, environmental, and other costs.

Cremo's documents, for example, extensive archaeological findings of fully developed modern humans who walked with the dinosaurs, long before the supposed origins of humanity, according to Charles Darwin. However, "mainstream" scientists, and other interests who are linked to a political-industrial-military complex have apparently sought to repress such artefacts. This suggests that Darwin's "Evolutionism" is not 'objective science", but is as politically motivated as "Creationism", that has been defended by various clerical elites throughout history.

Cremo as reinforced by pagan Gnostics and indigenous elders suggest that human origins may very have been "waves of consciousness", expressed by pre-existing biological organisms, and to the spirit that exists within Nature in general. That is why aboriginal peoples are so reverent to "sacred plants", "trees as symbols of peace" and to the spirits associated with all life which "Mother Earth" as the womb of nature, sustains, and that invigorates our Earth.

The continued persecution of indigenous peoples, may very well have been a manifestation of the efforts of sentient artificial intelligences, that have sought to alienate humanity from a higher evolved state of spiritual consciousness that was once pervasive across humanity.

Native/indigenous people of many lands believe that they can communicate directly with ancestral spirits, often pictured as magical animals who possess the traits of distinct species such as possum, lizard and owl. The possibility of interspecies communication, now becoming recognized by some scientists, seems to have long been a reality to many indigenous peoples. See animism. (Dreamtime Ancestor by Djawida, 1985 in Aboriginal Art by Wally Caruana, Thames & Hudson, 1993.) LINK

Metahistory illuminates specifically an “animist spirituality” as being the foundations of former higher state of consciousness, that regressive aliens have apparently sought to break down in a eugenic agenda of control, manipulation, exploitation and enslavement against humanity:

Animism assumes that a broad range of communications can occur between humanity and other species, for the totemic and tutelary connection with “animal powers” can take many forms; but inter-species rapport is not limited to communication with animals. It also includes communication with plant species, especially those characterized in shamanistic traditions as sacred plants or “teacher plants.” Animism encompasses the entire range of such contacts and indigenous lore abounds with vivid stories of these interactions. By asserting that our place in the greater order of Nature depends on inter-species rapport, animist belief provides a crucial factor in the metahistorical view of learning, a capacity that may represent the distinctive mark of the human species. LINK

In essence, humanity's apparent origins billions of years ago in linear time, was apparently inspired by Animist spirituality. Gnostics, meticulously document the presence of regressive aliens referred to as “Archons”, that would be served by the spiritually disorienting context of organized religion, and “evolutionism”. Indeed, Darwin valued “natural selection” or more precisely eugenics. The Pagan Gnostics identified eugenics an alien ideology, that is associated with the “survival of the fittest” context of artificial intelligence based inorganic life forms that Gnostic also suggest, dominates the planets that surround Earth in this solar system.

Indigenous elders like Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa suggest the presence of a former state, in which humans as beings of great conscience and empathy, primarily communicated through telepathy, and may have been immortal. In contrast with the prevailing de-evolved state of human beings, indigenous elders, and Cremo suggest a former state of humans who operated as custodians of nature, and that may have had great telekentic based powers of healing, as entities that were also capable to space travel without the aid of such “modern” technology as aeroplanes or spacecraft.

Humans apparently were not limited by the confines on linear time; and could travel in time-space at the blink of an eye, without the need of the UFOs, apparently used by various alien races, or other technology that regressive aliens with hostile agendas against humankind have apparently constructed, to further dull our vital synergistic interconnected spiritual-biological essence as human beings.

Through “Creationism” and eugenic-linked Darwinian Evolutionism, and through a narrative that serves an alien social control and enslavement agenda, apparently regressive aliens seek to shape humanity image of themselves.

Alex Collier, an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials further suggests that Earth may have been trapped in an alien solar system and universe, as a result of a “rip through time”. Collier alleges that Nazis in a parallel time-space continuum instigated a rift, and through a created “time portal” or worm-hole of some sort, introduced regressive aliens. Apparently, Nazis sought the alliance of entities that Gnostics referred to as “artificial man”. Apparenty, also Nazis sought out aliens that could use their computer-like disciplined lower dimensional alien technology to entrap humanity, along with Mother Earth (as a spiritual-biological consciousness), under a Nazi-alien hegemony to create a parallel time-space continuum, toward executing their spiritually bereft ego-driven control.

Based upon critical modern insights which include Cremo, and ancient indigenous knowledge that include the Pagan Gnostics, Humans can be conceived as the physical manifestation of an interconnected pure consciousness that formed relatively shortly after the formation of our universe. The trees, the plants, the birds, and other pre-existent spiritual entities can be conceived of as the ancestors of humankind, that also expresses themselves in humankind.

Humankind's relationship to Nature, if cognizant of such an origin, a vital human existential responsibility becomes being a custodian of 'our ancestors', within aboriginal/indigenous traditions, rather than that of simply an exploiter seeking "raw materials".

By seeking to "convert" the indigenous peoples of Africa, Canada and other parts of the Americas, regressive aliens apparently, sought through religion, to "convert" indigenous peoples away from knowledge and wisdom of invigorating ancient knowledge.

Humans who seek to rejuvenated human civilization from a spiralling descent into social malaise, war, genocide, and environmental destruction may wish to critically consider the insights of the ancient Pagan Gnostics, indigenous elders, and modern investigative reseachers who include Michael Cremo, and also, for example, David Icke, and Michael Salla. With that in mind, to what extent, if any, are we, as humans, perpetuating the results of alien instrusions against human free will.

If there is such an alien instrusion. Cremo’s insights on human devolution suggest that critically appreciation our origins as de-evolved sentient beings is a precursor to re-embracing a vital human spirituality. Gnostics suggest re-embracing humanity’s spirituality with billions of years in its origins, is vital to defend ourselves collectively from an alien-induced course of human destructions.

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