Iran's President blames capitalism for climate change

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vrijdag 18 december 2009

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has described capitalism and materialism as root causes for the world's environment crisis.

Addressing a UN sponsored climate change conference in Copenhagen, he said that the capitalism is based on interfering in nature and encouraging people to use natural resources more than they need.

"Profit-making approach to the world resources must be avoided," he said.

Expressing Tehran's support for the Kyoto protocol, the Iranian president said world leaders should spend money on cutting greenhouse gas emissions instead of allocating massive military budgets to waging wars.

"Greenhouse gas emission has dealt a blow to the planet earth."

He also accused the US and its allies of preventing the use of advanced technologies by other nations.

Ahmadinejad called on nuclear armed courtiers to focus their efforts on expanding the peaceful use of nuclear energy, instead of stockpiling nuclear arms.

The Iranian president noted that all nations must be able to use clean and renewable energy sources including nuclear power in a bid to fight climate change.

"All countries must gain access to new technologies to diversify their energy resources and be able to use clean and renewable energy such as wind, solar, sea tide, geothermal and nuclear energies," he said.

Ahmadinejad slammed Washington for thwarting Tehran's efforts to combat climate change by opposing its nuclear program.

"American leaders and their friends emphasize (Iran must only)continue to use fossil fuel,” adding “ They (US and its allies) resort to various coercive methods to hinder development of new technologies intended to promote the use of renewable and clean energy."

Ahmadinejad also called on major powers, particularly the US, to dedicate a part of their military budgets for fighting pollution in the world.

He said Iran is ready to share the result of research and experiences on the use of clean energy with other countries.

He is scheduled to hold talks with some foreign leaders on the sidelines of the Copenhagen climate summit.

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