UFO filmed by a news crew (brasil)

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maandag 2 november 2009

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, was seen by the team of TV Gazeta, 40 km on the highway transacreana, around 01:40 on Friday.

The team was returning from a story about a service performed by bandits wearing federal police uniforms, when they noticed the object.

It was oval in shape, hovered on the horizon for about half an hour on the right edge of the highway and was filmed by cameraman Jailson Fernandes.

Then came the meeting of reporters and hovered a few hundred meters away from the team, giving a shift toward the forest.

"If I had not seen what I saw, I would not believe the reports of those who saw," said Fernandes, struck by the phenomenon.

"At the bottom of the object also appeared lights like stars," recounts Fisher.

According to the team of TV Gazeta, at first it was believed to be a commercial jet. "But it was not, because we noticed it did not make any noise." The object, as can be seen in the images, emitted lights of different colors, pink, red and green.

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