Video: Mysterious UFO - Benalmadena, Spain

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maandag 5 oktober 2009

Statement with video: UFO filmed over Benalmadena, Spain. 12/9/09. 20.45pm. Object was seen hovering for 15 mins before it drifted towards me, turned on it's end and gained altitude until it disappeared from sight.

stv.tv - A Scots holidaymaker told on Friday how he spotted a UFO hovering above a Spanish tourist town from his hotel balcony.

Raymond Meyer, of Guardbridge, near St Andrews, Fife, was in his hotel room at the Hotel Siroco in Benalmadena when he saw the object a few hundred yards away.

He has placed the footage - shot in mid-September - on video site YouTube, where hundreds of visitors have already viewed the film.

Now he hopes those who watch the two-and-a-half minute video can help him unravel the mystery object - and find out whether an alien presence really was over the Spanish holiday resort, or whether there is a simpler explanation.

Mr Meyer said: "I filmed the object from my room balcony on Saturday September 12 at 8.45pm.

"I had watched the object for about five minutes before getting my camcorder and recording it.

"After I had recorded the sequence the object drifted towards me, turned on its end then went vertically up until it disappeared from view.

"Unfortunately my camcorder wouldn't refocus to film this.

"Since returning from holiday, I've shown numerous people the footage and it's left everyone speechless."

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