Amazing Photo! UFO Bright Cone of Light - Acadia National Park, Maine

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maandag 21 september 2009

(pre-anomaly sky)

MUFON witness report - 9/19/09: I was participating with friends in a Nightsky Photography workshop at Acadia National Park. There were 15 adults: 12 participants, 2 park service employees to drive van and assist, plus Tyler Nordgren, PhD astronomer and artist, teaching the workshop. After an introduction and instructions, we all set up our cameras on the edge of Eagle Lake, most of us aiming southwest hoping to capture the Milky Way as the evening progressed. (The workshop was scheduled from 6:30-9:00pm ET.)

At approximately 7:50pm ET, we all observed a bright object that appeared suddenly directly in front of us. It seemed to come down in the sky, burn brightly creating a cone of light shining towards the ground much like a streetlight and fog-like light around it. the "streetlight" did not make it the ground. After a few seconds, the object disappeared. The fog and "streetlight" slowly disappeared after about 45 seconds. It just seemed to fade from the cone shape to a smudge in the sky.

At least 3 participants' cameras captured the event. Not knowing where else to share such an event, we are posting it here.

Nightsky Photography Workshop

NOTE: I looked over the website and it's seems that the participants are reliable witnesses including Tyler Nordgren, PhD astronomer and state park officials. I sincerely hope that further evidence is presented from this event. This could be a very significant encounter...Lon

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