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zondag 20 september 2009

The process of an enormous paradigm shift has begun. Few today will question that the signs of change are all around us.

I want to begin to layout how and why we got here and what science, society in general, and prophecy have contributed to this moment and to our future.

History is too often written by the winners of conflict and when one listens to the losers, too, the true version can be learned. It is my mission as we make our way through the history of these subjects to make every effort to credit those who have truly done the work and to base all theories and conclusions on the best available data.

Over the past several months governments around the world have been choosing to release hidden projects and information on the subject of UFO’s.

I have been part of this effort to unlock the
government doors and also to fact check what we are given. Now is the time to encourage countries still holding onto their secrets, like the United States, to release the records to the people they serve.

I have worked relentlessly for nearly 30 years to make final conclusions on the crop circle mystery – a term I invented in the 1980s (See Circular
Evidence 1989
). I have reached conclusions on how some are made by people, and what process is involved with others that are instigated outside the human frame. I have searched for connections with the UFO and extraterrestrial beings and have found that some do exist.

With inside information and the findings of secret undercover operations, the names and possibly motives of individuals are known. Right now there are frauds, merchandise scams, and large corporate interests profiting on a subject which holds a vital key to our future. Despite, or perhaps because of, the presence of human involvement in circle making there is nothing less than mind blowing future science and the development of human consciousness at work.I will reveal my evidence in my presentation at the ‘Contact- Countdown to Transition Conference’
at Rio Rico, Arizona, 24-26 October.

In the coming days big business, especially in the communications and media arena, will start a series of public programs across a wide spectrum of subjects, including crop circles, UFO’s, human consciousness and the
2012 Mayan Prophecy.  They will include many subjects with information that can further develop our psyche and prepare us for where we are heading.  But will they depict this information honestly?

Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo have already begun. Major networks will take their turn in this process. Information being bandied about in seemingly
nonsensical ways is essential to infill our awareness. However, it is being manipulated to produce effects that take people away from personal empowerment and development. Google was recently involved in a PR stunt for the anniversary of the film ‘War of the Worlds,’ by H.G. Wells. I believe that linking images of crop circles and UFOs with the tag ‘War of the Worlds is purposeful and has an agenda.  Within a few months National Geographic and several other documentary makers will be transmitting new programs covering different sides of the crop circle story and the fulfillment of the Mayan calendars. Big movies are being released about 2012. They will all no doubt contain many misleading statements and fear mongering.

We should be wary of the presentations of allegedly educational networks like National Geographic. They may provide more broad-minded presentations but will mix facts with another agenda. Right now society is unanchored from the securities of the past and we are feeling the effects of broken governments, industries, banks and dare we say, religious institutions as well. It is important to release the illusions of the past but we must be careful what we replace them with. The agenda being put forward related to crop circles and UFO’s is one of deception and manipulation. It is up to each of us to be discerning and look for the higher truth. For sure there is a transition or paradigm shift underway. What is happening in our streets and in everyday life will make the difference in how quickly we adjust.

We have serious challenges appearing before us like cavalry riding over the hill. During the coming few years life will get more difficult before it gets better. Things like dialing 911 (999 UK) for help will not result in the response we are accustomed to.

In preparation for the challenging times closing in on us, the best path is to resolve personal, family, and organizational differences and conflicts. Find within yourself your own true essence and be your own guide and God force in the world. It’s with our family, friends and community that we have support, confidence and ultimately survival. Change happens with coherence. Being part of an organized and trusted network of people where we can act together in peace will be most effective in helping those in official government capacity. We should all aim not to over-react to change or to fear it; we are also to hope that governments take that same approach.

                      Colin Andrews - 17th September 2009.  




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