Ufo antics amaze locals in PA

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maandag 8 december 2008

UFO antics amaze locals in PA

Pennsylvania is definitely in the midst of UFO mania, but the good citizens of the state are not panicking, rather they are simply reporting the unusual craft that tend to make their appearance at night to the police and various UFO related organizations.

A week into December and no less than 20 reports have been handed over to various agencies this month alone. Some of the more notable sightings in the last few days are:

On Friday night a family saw two lit up craft that appeared to be disc shaped hovering over farms near the township of Plumstead. The objects then shot up into the night sky. Another man saw a disc hovering over trees on the same day, as he focused on the object it shot off skyward. Another interesting sighting occurred on Wednesday night. I couple spotted a set of bright lights that appeared arranged spherically above a highway. At dawn on the same day a commuter noticed a large multicoloured disc hovering above his car.

Pennsylvania has always been a hotbed of UFO sightings and a UFO is believed to have crashed in Kecksburg in 1965, curiously also in the December of that year. The recent sightings are of interest in that they all have uniformity in terms of description. Is there a UFO base somewhere in PA? What are the visitors from other worlds preparing for?

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