Photos: Shape Shifting UFO - Yakima, WA - 8/18/09

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maandag 31 augustus 2009


MUFON witness statement: My boyfriend and I were taking pics of a shape changing "star" from the front yard of my mom's house looking west to east in Yakima, WA. This "star" stayed in the sky approx. 4 -5 hours in the same general area. It could have been longer but I only noticed it around 11:30pm. I took 178 pics and these two stood out the most. It was definitely one "star" changing shapes several times and changing colors. It would fade in and out and then brighten and dim and hover. I got tired of watching it and finally went to bed. Pics were not altered except to crop them and zoom in.

NOTE: interesting images...seems that more of these shape changing objects are surfacing worldwide. In the future, when a majority of skywatchers own higher grade / higher definition video equipment then, I expect, we'll see some very spectacular images...Lon

Bron: naturalplane

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