Yellow/Orange UFO - Murraysville, PA - 7/7/09

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vrijdag 10 juli 2009





Witness statement: Was home in great room which is glass mostly on 3 sides. Watching TV, I glanced to my right and saw really bright, pulsing light, round in shape, through patio door over the valley in front of south side of house. It was like the color of a dimmed down halogen light, but more white when it pulsed brighter. It headed east coming from the west. Totally silent. Had left my good HD camcorder at river house, so I grabbed daughter's cheap Sony Handycam and shot video of it, which would have been longer had it not been for the DVD loading stuff.

It seemed to be round with a flat side and rotating--same as our sighting on May 18, 2009 here (pics are already on Mufon.com). That sighting was a much bigger sized thing than this. I estimate this one to be only about 10 feet in diameter--although purely a guess, as the distance and other factors were hard to gauge because of the light.

On July 8, 2009 at 4:07 AM another one more orange in color came from WNW sky heading to SE sky into the trees also. Perhaps the color appears darker the further away you are. Our sighting on May 13th was a darker colored orange and was higher up overhead also.

I went and got my good HD camcorder and waited in farm field across the street from my house and at 10:00:11 PM another bright one higher up appeared overhead silently and headed one tick above East. It was steady lit until it started descending into the tree line, at which time it began to pulse like the night before.

The orange ones seem to be an epidemic lately all over the world--wonder when the powers that be will address their presence?

NOTE: granted....it's really shaking. The Murraysville, PA and western PA area in general have had many reports of similar sphere type UFOs over the past year or so. BTW, Murraysville is near Kecksburg, PA, site of the famous UFO crash. Below is an interesting reference I recently read..Lon

Murrysville, Pennsylvania - A possible corridor for UFO's?

This up-scale community in western Westmoreland county, just east of Pittsburgh, has been a hot-bed of UFO sightings since last year. Reportings have been coming in on a regular basis over the past couple of months. The most recent report is of yet another event that occurred on May 22. At approximately 4:00 a.m., the witness observed an object moving slowly and just above the treeline in front of their house. The object doesn't appear to be any type of conventional aircraft. The picture at the right is a blown-up still photo of the object photographed with a Sony HDR-XR500V HD camcorder. The Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) continues to work with the witness to identify this recurring mystery in this rural section of the county. The witness has observed a variety of strange and unusual objects in the sky since 2008, including neon green and orange fireballs, red pulsating disks, cigar-shaped UFO's, and triangular shaped UFO's.

There are suspected "UFO corridors" that are believed to exist throughout the United States. These corridors have unusually high sightings of UFO's that may suggest that there are routes that are used by the objects as they carry out whatever their mission may be. Perhaps the Murrysville area may be located within one of these corridors.

Bron: naturalplane

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