Crop circles reflect solar cycle 24 themes: solar flares, “end of the world” and human rebirth

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O. Morel: "Phoenix" crop circle, June 12, 2009

The Daily Telegraph, the “other mainstream paper of record” in the U.K., has published an expert analysis of a recent crop circle as depicting “the end of the world” on Dec. 21, 2012 “as predicted by the Mayan calendar”.  The U.K. Telegraph article reprinted the photograph of a 400-foot crop circle reported June 12, 2009, with a notation that “Phoenix crop circle may predict end of the world. Crop circle experts believe the latest pattern to be discovered, a phoenix rising from the flames in Wiltshire, may give a warning about the end of the world. The 400-foot design was discovered in a barley field in Yatesbury near Devizes and depicts the mythical phoenix reborn as it rises from the ashes.  Investigators claim more formations are referencing the possibility of a cataclysmic event occurring on December 21, 2012, which coincides with the end of the ancient Mayan calendar.”

Other crop circle commentators are suggesting that a giant jellyfish-like crop circle sighted May 29, 2009 near Wayland Smithy, U.K. (see photos below) may be a warning of coming solar flares, stating “Earth’s magnetosphere changes into the shape of a “jellyfish” whenever it is impacted by a severe solar storm.  Whenever a severe solar storm impacts directly on Earth, then our planetary magnetic field or “magnetosphere” changes into the general shape of a “jellyfish.”  

Solar flares during the solar maximum 2012-13 causing up to $2 trillion (or more) in damage in the U.S. with millions of potential deaths have been warned of in a January 2009 report by the National Academy of Sciences funded by NASA.

Yet, according to Mayan calendar expert Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, an accurate interpretation of the Mayan Calendar has it end on Oct. 28, 2011.  Moreover, the end of the Mayan calendar does not presage “Armageddon,” global war, and physical destruction.  Rather, the Mayan calendar, according to Dr. Calleman’s research, is a mind map by which to measure the entry of a period of universal consciousness for humanity.

One open question is why The Daily Telegraph, owned by the Barclay Brothers (who also own the Chicago Sun-Times, the Jerusalem Post, and conservative magazines such as The Spectator) is printing misleading opinion that specific crop circles point to potential cataclysms allegedly predicted by the Mayan calendar, and promoting a distorted Armageddon view of the Mayan calendar itself.

Solar flares & a deep solar minimum

On May 29, 2009, NASA reported that “an international panel of experts led by NOAA and sponsored by NASA has released a new prediction for the next solar cycle. Solar Cycle 24 will peak, they say, in May 2013 with a below-average number of sunspots.

‘If our prediction is correct, Solar Cycle 24 will have a peak sunspot number of 90, the lowest of any cycle since 1928 when Solar Cycle 16 peaked at 78,’ says panel chairman Doug Biesecker of the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.  

In the same report, NASA also noted that, “It is tempting to describe such a cycle as ‘weak’ or ‘mild,’ but that could give the wrong impression.

"’Even a below-average cycle is capable of producing severe space weather,’ points out Biesecker. ‘The great geomagnetic storm of 1859, for instance, occurred during a solar cycle of about the same size we’re predicting for 2013.’ [Emphasis added]

“The 1859 storm--known as the "Carrington Event" after astronomer Richard Carrington who witnessed the instigating solar flare--electrified transmission cables, set fires in telegraph offices, and produced Northern Lights so bright that people could read newspapers by their red and green glow. A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences found that if a similar storm occurred today, it could cause $1 to 2 trillion in damages to society's high-tech infrastructure and require four to ten years for complete recovery. For comparison, Hurricane Katrina caused ‘only’ $80 to 125 billion in damage.” 

O. Morel: "Jellyfish" crop circle, May 29, 2009

Interpretation of crop circles

The June 15, 2009 crop circle article in the U.K. Telegraph referred to the May 29, 2009 Wayland Smithy crop circle, stating “Recent crop circles have included giant jelly-fish and one image discovered in Wiltshire in June which experts dubbed the most 'mind boggling' they had ever come across. The formation, measuring 150ft in diameter, is apparently a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi.”

The science of crop circle interpretations is not consistent.  One expert commentary source on the June 12, 2009 Wilbury crop circle makes no reference to the “end of the world” or the “phoenix rising from the ashes.”  Instead the source states, “There are possibly some similarities with the Zoroastrian bird symbol to be found in this crop formation. Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed world-religions, and it has probably had more influence on mankind, directly and indirectly, than any other single faith. There are also important elections going on in Iran today. Persia being the geographic area where this belief system was formed.”

The U.K. Telegraph article quotes crop circle enthusiast Karen Alexander, from Gosport, Hants, who states “The phoenix is a mythical creature which symbolizes rebirth and a new era in many cultures across the world. Within the crop circle community many believe the designs are constantly referring to December 21 and its aftermath. This could be interpreted as the human race or earth rising again after a monumental event. The patterns are becoming more intricate with every find and it is exciting to think how they are going to evolve by the time we get to 2012."

NASA & CropCC: "Jellyfish" crop circle & Earth mag.field

The origin of crop circles

There are several hypotheses regarding the origin of crop circles and there may be different sources for different crop circles.  There is some research suggesting that some crop circles are hoaxes perpetrated by individuals or groups, and others are disinformation psyops perpetrated by military-intelligence agencies.  Other researchers claim that some portion of the crop circles made by hyperdimensional sources are in fact made by 4th dimension reptilian civilizations as part of an elaborate psyops on humanity.  Finally, “genuine” upper-dimensional ethical circle makers make some portion of crop circles.  In short, there is an information war going on in the crop circle field.

Time acceleration and catastrophobia

In her book "The Mayan Code", author and researcher Barbara Hand Clow defines “catastrophobia” as an embedded human memory of a solar system catastrophe which occurred in 9500 B.C. when a fragment of the Vela supernova entered the solar system destroying the surface ecology of Mars, and as well as destroying the great maritime civilization of Earth.  The human predisposition to interpret the end of the Mayan calendar in 2011 or 2012 as signifying great Earth catastrophe, or the interpretation of the June 15, 2009 Wilshire crop circle as signifying a rebirth after a cataclysmic event as examples of “catastrophobia” or collective memory of this past trauma.

Thus catastrophobis may be the source of projecting cataclysmic outcomes to end times prophecies, such as the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Cui bono?

Cui bono?  Who benefits by the U.K. Telegraph’s publication of opinion that the Mayan calendar’s end signifies Armageddon, or global destructive war?

Dr. Wernher von Braun, a NASA whistleblower, through his protégé, Dr. Carol Rosin, a Disclosure Project witness, may have given one significant clue.  Dr. Rosin has said that von Braun told her that, following the collapse of Communism in the early 1990s, the permanent war economy would seek to perpetuate global war through 3 additional wars: a global War on Terror, a “war against the asteroids”, and the final card, a faux “war” against the “evil extraterrestrials,” a psyops actually controlled by the permanent war economy on Earth.

The global war on terror is playing itself out triggered by the false flag operation of September 11, 2001, orchestrated by then President George W. Bush; Vice President Richard B. Cheney; and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, using advanced space-based an weapon of mass-destruction – HAARP – for the molecular dissociation of the World Trade Center.  This global War on Terror psyops continues in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in the domestic police state measures in most nations around the world.

The war against the asteroids

There are signs that the “war against the asteroids” has now begun.  As of June 10, 2009, Space.com reports, “A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, SPACE.com has learned.”

This directive in U.S. military policy appears designed to create the fear necessary for the weaponry and measures to win “the war against the asteroids” just as Dr. Wernher von Braun predicted?

Internet and talk show rumors fueling the “war” against the asteroids now speak of “wars in space” and destructive objects heading to Earth.

So the cui bono of the U.K. Telegraph article are none other that the usual suspects the permanent war economy, in all of its manifestations – an international war crimes racketeering organization

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