Videos: Pulsating UFOs - Miami, Florida and Western Wyoming

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maandag 25 mei 2009

We filmed this object Feb. 4, 2009 with a Fuji FinePix S700 on a tripod. Object was in a southeast direction. We left the camera on the tripod and went in the house for a while because of the cold temps. We see these objects all the time. They appear to be masquerading as stars, but are not and are usually brighter than the average star. They also appear to pulsate from white to different colors of red, blue and green.

NOTE: over the past 6 months there has been a surge of pulsating UFOs captured on video and digital camera worldwide. These videos I've posted are some of the better examples. The last 2 videos were from the same witness in Western Wyoming who has been documenting these events since February 2009...Lon

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