March of Peace against the New World Order & Illuminatie onto the White House is July 4th

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zondag 17 mei 2009

Join us on independence day July 4th 2009, as truth seekers and the awaken people from all over America and the world storm the streets of Washington D.C wile marching to The Wight House, protesting and letting the new world order and it's affiliates know that we are strong, united, knowledgeable and we are not afraid of their melodramatic fear mongering and staged terrorism.

When we reach The Wight House we will start exposing the traitors of the free world for all to see.We will expose the ties of politicians to secret societies like:Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Free Masonry and many more sick and demented secret societies that are planing this global genocide agenda against the people of the free world.

To furthermore promote this massive protest SATYAGRAHA Productions is putting together an excellent documentary titled:The Red Line, which already has been crossed.This documentary will show the nature of the protest what we should do, how we should act and how to prepare.

Just to make it clear to every one there will be no violence, no weapons, no swearing, etc... This is a peaceful way to wake back our country and the whole planet(The very definition of satyagraha).

Red line trailer

Bekijk hier de documentaire reeks.

Bron: wersatyagraha.synthasite.com

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