Stunning UFO filmed in Kashgar, China

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dinsdag 12 mei 2009


Michael Cohen

This high quality footage (below) of an alleged UFO was filmed on 18 February of this year in the City of Kashgar in China’s far west in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region along the ancient Silk Road.

The footage was shot by a tourist from Beijing, Mr Lee Kwan Hing. The UFO was also seen by his father Mr Li Ji.

‘Me and my father were walking through a park near the Science and technology Complex returning to our hotel when I noticed a very bright and clear object in the sky that appeared too close and too bright to be star. I used a Panasonic High Definition camcorder to take the film. As I zoomed in on the object I noticed that it had the form of a yo-yo and I could make out geometric patterns on the object.’

‘Is it a UFO, a Satellite or a Star?’ asks Hing on his blog. Perhaps a All news Web reader can help Hing solve this mystery. More information on this sighting can be found on

  Mr Lee’s Blog .

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