Craziness in South Korea: Alien Annihilation or North Korean Nukes?

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zondag 5 april 2009

The last week has been a strange one for South Korea. Beginning on the last day of March a series of deafening sonic booms have been heard over the entire nation prompting many to believe they were under alien attack. Now it appears that the deafening roars that set of car alarms and had panicky pedestrians running for cover in sheer terror were probably related to the North Korean satellite launch and the various air forces monitoring the area.

None of that stopped virtually every newspaper in the country reporting that Korea might be under UFO attack. Adding to the strangeness of the week unusual lights or UFOs were seen over a number of cities in the country. Internet sites crashed as people debated as to whether South Korea was facing annihilation at the hands of ET’s or devastation as a result of North Korean missiles.

Underground nuclear tests were proposed by a few commentators as the cause of the sound while others even suggested that time travellers from the future may have arrived to save their ancestors from destruction. Some talked of ancient prophecies coming to pass.

As a doomsday mentality gripped the nation many felt intrinsically that the world as they knew it was on the threshold of a major change. Many local UFO research groups continue to suspect an ET involvement in the weeks events.

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