UFO buff Robbie Williams looking for ET's underwater

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zaterdag 28 februari 2009


UFO buff Robbie Williams has taken his hunt for extra-terrestrial life from the skies to the ocean. He is planning to make his way to an area off the coast of California in the waters surrounding Malibu where there have been alleged sightings of USO's or unidentified submerged objects. Robbie will be renting Jet Ski's for the mission and will travel from Marina Del Ray to Catalina Island carefully scouring the area for any trace of extra-terrestrial craft.

Robbie Williams who was born in the UK and now lives in the US started his musical career as a member of the UK boy band 'Take That' before going solo, he now however spends much of his time UFO hunting and hanging out with friends from 'Above Top Secret' the massively popular US conspiracy website that Robbie is so fond of. Some UFO researchers have expressed Robbie's interest in UFO's might put him in a high risk category for alien abduction due to his fame. 'I think Robbie would really like that ' one associate commented.

USO sightings are nowhere near as common as UFO sightings, but there have been some very high profile sightings over the last 50 years, most notably the Shag Harbour incident whereby a UFO type craft was seen crashing into waters off Nova Scotia in Canada and then disappearing underwater in what appeared to be a deliberate manoeuvre. There is no reason why visiting Aliens would not take at least some interest in underwater life on earth (and other planets) and might well have developed some amphibious craft for the very purpose.

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