Breaking News: Possible Extra-Terrestrial filmed in Peru: Video

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donderdag 19 februari 2009

UFO activity in South America seems to have reached new heights recently with reports of sightings becoming almost a daily occurrence. Many are convinced that a secret UFO base exists somewhere in the region, possibly disguised by a lake. A disproportionate number of UFO sightings do seem to involve bodies of water in this part of the world.

Now a video that might contain footage of an actual Extra Terrestrial is making national headlines and causing a sensation amongst UFO and alien hunters in Peru. The video was taken in the Santa Rosa de Quives region of the Canta province. The area is considered to be holy to Peruvian Catholics and a place where people come to pray for miracles. Every August the 30th a pilgrimage takes place here and it is believed the video was shot at that time last year, however only made public this month.

The creature depicted in the video is being referred to as ‘Quives Man’. The story has been covered by Peru’s ‘Capital Radio’ and ‘Panamerica’ TV station as well as ‘Channel Peru’. Needless to say, English language media have picked up the story (that is until now)
A group of ufologists in Peru have carried out an analysis of the video and claim it contains a real alien. The Peruvian government and scientists are looking at the video as well. The video can be seen below: Does it show an actual alien? You be the judge.

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