Evolution of Consciousness

Laatste wijziging: woensdag 9 maart om 15:59, 4823 keer bekeken
Groningen, woensdag 9 maart 2011

This remarkable 40 Minute Artainment program is the result of years of in-depth philosophical exploration into the deeper mysteries of life. ''The Evolution Of Consciousness'' integrates Art, Science Philosophy and Religion into a creative living matrix which serves to "Inspire, Delight Heal and Enlighten"

"The Evolution Of Consciousness" contains a beautiful evocative soundtrack from master musicians which is artistically integrated with sacred geometry, visionary art, fractals and natural imagery.

This profoundly beautiful, archetypical, transpersonal meditative, journey spans 15 Billion years of "Time". ''The Evolution Of Consciousness'' answers in a sublime and subliminal way the fundamental questions of life... Who Are We?...Where Did we come from ?... and perhaps most importantly where are we going?

In experiencing ''The Evolution Of Consciousness'' these questions will be made self evident as we journey in consciousness to the place we never left..The Eternal Here And Now..

''The Evolution Of Consciousness'' bears repeated viewing as the great mysteries and beauty of the Omniverse unfold before your very eyes !!



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