Magnetic Field Imbalance May Be Cause For Bird Deaths

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Groningen, zondag 9 januari 2011

The recent deaths of birds literally falling from the sky in two locations on earth, may be linked to a Magnetic Field Imbalance indicating that thePole Shift that is predicted for 2012has started already. Birds use the magnetic field for navigation and could be using it for much more than we can understand today. But not only birds died an unusual death… Could the Earth’s magnetic fields be causing the recent die-off of thousands of birds and fish? Scientists believe so, along with environmental imbalances.

In the United States, thousands of Blackbirds suddenly came dropping from the sky in the state of Arkansas over the past holidays for which no official reason for cause of death has been communicated by authorities. Only few days later, hundreds of other stories from all around the world emerged reporting similar phenomena.

Here’s a closer look into the Earth’s Magnetic Fields. What are exactly and how do birds use them to migrate?

To better understand the working of our planet’s magnetic field, compare it with a bar magnet where the positive and negative represent our North and South Poles. Our magnetic field is a protection shield creating a sort of a bubble around the Earth to protect us from solar storms and winds, asteroids and other objects floating around in space. Scientists explain this magnetic shield due to the Earth’s inner core’s electric currents. These currents circulate at speeds comparable to the working of a dynamo, caused in part by the rotation of the Earth (spinning at 1000 km per hour). Since the effect works similar to an electric generator, the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with the particles from solar storms and winds and in turn creates a so called aurora borealis near the Poles.

According to Goethe-Universitat scientists in Frankfurt, Germany, birds use photoreceptor cells located in the bird’s right eye to ’see’ the Earth’s magnetic fields. These receptors create shades of light, which guides the birds on their treks North & South and keeps them on track.

The question now is, could the changes in the Earth’s Magnetic Field be causing the deaths of 1000’s of birds?

The same university in Frankfurt made a study revealing that birds would lose their bearings in case they would not see the Magnetic Field and hurt themselves or even die. Not long ago, in 2008 NASA reported a massive breach in the Earth’s Magnetic Shield, which was detected by a spacecraft of theirs named THEMIS. Enormous geomagnetic storms can easily be caused when solar winds get through this breach and it is very possible that such geomagnetic storm has directly caused the deaths of the numerous birds across the globe.

To conclude, magnetic storms can be the cause of several phenomena that we are seeing on Earth lately. Besides birds (Blackbirds, Penguins, Eagles, and Pelicans to name a few) falling down dead from hunger and exhaustion, radiation may exist by high solar power, radio transmission may be impacted, and our planet can be bombarded with high-energy charged particles due to this breach in the Magnetic Field or Shield. Furthermore, such magnetic storms can cause Earth crust changes, leading to landslides, mudslides, volcano eruption and earthquakes. Anyone seen any of those recently? You bet!

Scientists saying this…yet where do you read or hear about this in the news? Exactly! Instead we are being told by ‘them’ that this is all normal, that we just have more accurate information now than before, and that Global Warming is the result of exhaust gases… Make up for yourself and spread the word! READ MORE