The Big Picture

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Groningen, zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Na de introductie op deze film op een andere website te hebben gelezen, ben ik wel geïnteresseerd in deze documentaire. Want iemand die oproept tot zelf nadenken en ook hem niet per definitie te geloven, die zou wel eens interessante dingen kunnen zeggen. De meeste reacties waren ook positief, in de zin van dat het een goede eye-opener is voor degenen die 'nog niet wakker' zijn. Degenen die negatief waren, kwamen vaak met bijbelteksten om het ongelijk ervan te bewijzen.
Ofwel, ik ga er eens lekker voor zitten vanavond ipv de televisie aan te zetten en hoop dat het ons allen wel zal interesseren!

For every question regarding our world, there is a conspiracy theory offered from some quarter claiming to address it. These conspiracy theories number into the hundreds and they are nearly always dead ends, or at best, lead to another conspiracy and so on, ad infinitum. Even though it’s become obvious to most that something is not quite right, and that some sort of global conspiracy does indeed exist, it is still hard to see exactly what it is, and where the truth really lies.

It is time the people of the world stood up and paid heed to the urgency and importance. Yet, you say, even if one were to do so, then how do we the ordinary individual, ever get to the bottom of this? And if we do ever get to the bottom of it, then what are we to do then? And those are both very good questions.

Well, the best way to start is to get all fluoride out of your diet and gain an understanding of history. Then learn to look at each news story from a global perspective. Disregard most of what the announcer tells you to believe, and place the event where it belongs, on the Global stage. Then ask yourself that old Greek adage – Cu Bono.

Who Benefits? And more importantly, when you discover a truth, uncover a lie, or find an anomaly, tell your friends. Spread the information as far and wide as you can reach because the media most certainly will not. However the most important thing of all in order to be able to do either of the above is to be aware of your surroundings in a global sense. See the BIG Picture. 

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