The Religion of Chance - How I Lost My Faith In Atheism

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Groningen, maandag 27 september 2010

This video is - to steal from Dawkins - my 'long expected, long worked on, full frontal attack' on the religion of absolute materialism.

Ironically, this video went through an evolution of its own. My original intention was to make a video about crop circles. Then, after watching the movie Expelled, I decided to add some Intelligent Design stuff in and call the video "Conscious Designs". As I did more and more research into the Creation/Evolution/Intelligent Design controversy, I gradually phased in more and more Creation/ID stuff and phased out alot of the crop circle stuff, until eventually, six months, 30+ documentaries, 20+ lectures, 10+ debates, at least 200 scientific articles, fuck knows how many David Attenborough nature programs and one computer virus later, there wasn't much crop circle stuff left! Upon realising YouTube had increased it's video length limit to 15 minutes, I just decided to get rid of all the crop circle stuff, since I was having a hard time thinking what to do with it anyway, and cut my twenty minute transitional mess of crop circle and ID stuff into a 15 minute video focussing on Intelligent Design. There is still a tiny evolutionary remnant in the form of Nancy Talbott, a crop circle forensic analyst, discussing geometry in nature and the supernatural, which I decided to leave in.

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3D animation of planets done by me. Textures downloaded from the JHT's Pixel Planet Emporium. Other 3D animation (cell, protein, prehistoric creatures etc. stolen from various documentaries).