The New East India Company

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Groningen, dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Many think that petroleum or oil is the major factor fuelling conflicts worldwide, especially in the Middle East. While oil is a significant factor, there are deeper-seeded reasons. Oil is a relatively new tool in plans for world conquest. It was certainly not that important to world commerce or world conquest in the seventeenth century, when Western Europe was busy colonising the rest of the world.

The British East India Company was given a chartered monopoly by Elizabeth I to trade in the East and the West. This company became an extremely powerful agent for the British monarchy, which is a powerful tool of the Qualas. The Dutch also created an East India Company. Many Far Eastern countries resisted opening their ports to the European trading companies because they did not trust the foreigners. They rightly suspected that foreigners were trying to invade their countries by establishing footholds with trading ports.

Unfortunately, there are always some dubious people in every nation who are easily corrupted with bribes and offers of personal gain at the expense of their fellow citizens. They are traitors! Once the European companies corrupted certain influential people, they were able to establish trading ports and thereafter spread throughout whole nations. These inroads allowed for subsequent colonisation of the regions by merchants and military personnel, along with a complement of religious missionaries. Westerners traded slaves, opium, tobacco and other things that were detrimental to Asian health and morale. The Eastern conquest was in full swing when China resisted having opium forced on its people. Britain went to war and forced China to take the opium. As a result, Britain obtained full control of Hong Kong and other ports. Thus, Britain was the primary drug dealer of the nineteenth century. Her colonisations were illicit gains!

The Europeans had such a technological advantage in terms of weapons and naval capacity during the colonisation era that the Far Eastern countries were at the Westerners' mercy. The indigenous populations of Australia, Africa and the Americas had even less chance of resisting the Europeans because their weapons technology was inferior to that in the Far East. The Europeans were conquering the world. This was a foregone conclusion, with the only question being who would ultimately wield the power over Europe.

The Qualas in England set their sights on taking total control of THE PLAN! They consolidated their base by absorbing Scotland, Wales and most of Ireland into the United Kingdom, which became a power base from which to influence the rest of Europe. It should be understood that while the Qualas are based in England, they have no allegiance to England. They are out for themselves, and they know that England is ideally situated for their Plan. It is because of its strategic location that they want London. They know that whoever can control Europe will ultimately be able to control the world.

France, and what is now known as Germany, were the main threats to the English-based Qualas' ambitions. For centuries, the Qualas have been able to stir up conflicts in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Often, they play both sides against each other. It is hard to tell who or what is behind many of the conflicts, which is on purpose.

The Qualas will sacrifice their own to gain advantage and to avoid suspicion. For instance, they let Hitler bomb a totally unprotected Coventry into oblivion in order to protect their espionage network. It was a conscious decision by Winston Churchill to sacrifice the people and the city of Coventry to a horrendous German bombing raid. The bombing decimated Coventry. Churchill had foreknowledge of the impending attack and decided it was better to deceive Hitler than to protect Coventry. This was done to conceal the fact that the British had cracked the German enigma code.

It should not be surprising that the Qualas have infiltrated many other countries through espionage. Their network is now global. They also actively use commerce, banking, politics and science; they are well on their way in derogating all religions, which they originally sponsored. They have long been able to influence political figures, and have corrupted those who will knowingly assist in their Plan. This is particularly so at this time.

When others began to suspect the British Plan, a lot of unrest and bloodshed occurred in Europe. However, after WWI and WWII, there have been no major wars in Europe. This is part of the Plan to control the world from a peaceful European base. Ironically, to gain control of Europe, the Hanover monarchs – who now go by the name of Windsor – were obliged to subdue Germany, which was their original homeland. This allowed the Qualas to take remote-control over Germany. This goes to show that the Qualas have no loyalty to people, places or cultures. Incidentally, the British monarchy is the most powerful royal family in the world, regardless of how placid and mellow it appears to be.

The British have now established bases covering a huge portion of the world. Some bases are overt, whilst others are covert. Overtly, it has one band of territory that runs from Canada to New Zealand, through Australia, into South-east Asia, India, and westward to Pakistan, and they are trying to connect the regions, not because of oil, but due to ambitions for territory. Afghanistan and Iran are next in their sights, as are Burma and Tibet. Turkey is also on the Qualas' short list, and the fate of Istanbul is nearly sealed.

China and Burma are very suspicious of the nefarious plot. It is no wonder that they refused any aid offered by agents of the Qualas after “natural” disasters hit their nations in 2008. They know that once the Qualas make inroads in the name of humanitarian aid, there is no getting rid of them. They have learned this through hard experiences in dealing with Europeans. Whilst it appears that Tibet wants independence from China, this is just another Qualas instigation for eventual conquest of China.

The British Qualas have almost total control of American politics, and they direct that country to do the dirty jobs for them, even though most Americans believe they are doing it for themselves. The soldiers who sacrifice their lives supposedly in defence of liberty and democracy have been duped by the Qualas. The United Nations, NATO and America are all being hoodwinked by the Qualas into bullying the world! In a way, America has become the New British East India Company. Britain has so subtly effected the transition of America from an independent nation into taking on the role of the English Bulldog that very few people suspect it.

The Qualas are deeply infiltrated throughout the world. Although their main base is in England, they are cosmopolitan. They are the ones who control money, banking, commerce and even wars. Any country that lets private interests control its money supply or even print its money is at the mercy of the Qualas.

The Qualas have engulfed the United States in an unending, 60-year war on the Korean Peninsula to hold that area, along with Taiwan and the Japanese islands, until it is time for the Qualas to strike at China and Russia. The whole world will be the Qualas' oyster once they get rid of their biggest threats. In fact, this planet's last hope of being free from its real oppressor depends on America, Russia and China. Nobody else can stand in the way of the Qualas. However, over the centuries, the Qualas have so thoroughly separated the three main powers that they do not even share a common alphabet. This shows that the Plan was hatched a long, long time ago.

To reiterate, the Qualas' band stretches westwards across Canada to New Zealand, through Australia and other Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, and Pakistan, with Afghanistan nearly absorbed as well. Iran and Turkey are next on the agenda. Israel was created to cause seemingly endless conflict between the Jewish and Arab people as a diversion from its nefarious plan. Israel and Korea are major diversion points in the Plan.

The British king, George V, effectively converted America from a sovereign and independent nation into the English Bulldog. While the various hot-spot conflicts distract the world leaders, the Qualas' Plan is being implemented. Oil is a diversion. The global economic crisis is a diversion. The ETS is a diversion. The goal is world conquest for the Qualas. The pro-Zionist, Winston Churchill, was a strong advocate in pursuit of the Balfour Declaration's acceptance. Zionists are not trying to help Jewish people, they are using them! If the Qualas are not stopped, the territorial band will soon isolate Russia and China.

The British Commonwealth also stretches eastward from the Cape of Good Hope, encompassing most of East Africa; the band will be connected when the Qualas have their way. Although some of the territories are currently allied with the United States, the Plan calls for the absorption of America into the United Kingdom. While this might appear impossible at present, wait until the path is set; then it will be inevitable.

Let it be clear that this is not to imply that Queen Elizabeth II heads up the Qualas – she does not. The Queen administers over some things for the Qualas by virtue of her position. The English Throne is one of the Qualas' many tools. If Elizabeth II were to follow in her uncle Edward VIII's footsteps by abdicating, she would only marginally alter some of the Qualas' plans. However, were she to abdicate whilst abolishing the British monarchy altogether, the Queen would always be remembered as the monarch who dared challenge the Qualas on behalf of the people.

The former USSR and China are nearly all that stands in the way of the Qualas' Plan because the absorption of the US is not that far away, unless . . .

While there is still time, all countries, especially America, China and Russia, should resist the Qualas.

On another note, the year 2014 is gearing up to be filled with powerful displays of thunder and lightning.

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford