Video: Worm-Like 'Signature Orb'

Laatste wijziging: dinsdag 7 april om 19:46, 1980 keer bekeken
Groningen, dinsdag 7 april 2009


Statement with video: Here is the Ecto-Worm Video which includes the full unedited version of the event, as well as the attached enhanced version that plays automatically after the unedited version.

You'll see an unusual snake like feature fall from the top of the screen down toward the bottom, right in front of the camera, which was be filmed from the left side of the stage at the Bremerton Community Theater on the evening of February 7th, 2009.

We thoroughly examined the floor around the location of where this had fallen, we did not find anything whatsoever to conclude that what we captured was anything but paranormal related.

NOTE: This anomaly seems to be an energy induced 'signature orb'. I wish that the investigators would have taken temperature readings and/or given indication of any energy depletion in the equipment. It is my experience that these odd shaped orbs are usually energy draining spirits attempting to take physical form, thus the unique shape. Temperature drops and drained electrical cells are common during these events. Lon



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